Car Care recently took part in an Australian wide survey carried out by 10 THOUSAND FEET into the attitudes of Franchisees within the 1000 + systems operating throughout Australiatop franchise

With a participation rate of 42% we are pleased to announce that Car Care ranked 3rd overall (behind Smartline Mortgage Advisors and Kwik Kopy), which is a fantastic achievement and as the CEO of 10 THOUSAND FEET suggested in their press release “punching above our weight”.

By far the most pleasing aspect of this survey were the two areas that Car Care scored the highest, as they reflect our attitude toward the service we provide and our customers.  We would consider these as the fundamentals to any service based business so we commend our franchisees for the importance they have given to them.

92%  – I care about my customers
91%  – I am passionate about the service we provide

It would seem that our franchisees family and friends are supportive of our franchisees as well.

86% – My family and friends are supportive of the time I spend on my business
75%  – believe in my business
79% – My business looks successful to my friends

We are also pleased with how well we are doing with communications. This is an area that we’re always striving to improve on.

83% – Support staff are quick to respond to my queries
75% – Support staff contact me regularly
75% – Franchise support staff mentor & guide me through problems
80% – My Franchisor communicates clearly
79% – I trust my Franchisor
78% – I am given the opportunity to contribute to how the system works
74% – There is a good structure for sharing knowledge
76% felt that Car Care was a well recognised brand

Being in control of your own destiny is why many employees make the move to their own business and so it is good to see that many of our franchisees are making the most of it.

80% – I am able to change negative situations in my business
75% – I have a good work/life balance (the median hours worked by CC Franchise Owners was 42 hours per week against an industry average of 50 hours)

Thank you to all of our Car Care Franchisees that participated in this survey.

To read more about this survey, visit or read the below article about the awards.