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Facebook/Social Media Usage Policy For Franchisees


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Having Your Own Business Facebook Page

 We want the Official Car Care Facebook Page to be promoted by all of our franchisees, as it will benefit all of our businesses which will in turn get more traffic to our website and in turn create more enquiries for work.What Can You Do To Promote Our Facebook Page?• If you’re currently using Facebook personally – Like our page .

And follow what is happening on the page, like things that have been posted and even make positive comments on our posts.

• Add a link to your email signature or at the bottom of all of your emails that you send to your customers.

• Send us photos of great work that you have done, (eg, before/after pictures or of work that you’re particularly proud of) to stating your business name, your name and state and a description of what your photos are about.

• Send us in any Testimonials that you have received from your customers so we can add it to Facebook and to our website – – don’t forget to state your business name, your name and state.

• Add your customers to our mailing list – click on this link to get to the sign up page – – Let us send them our quarterly newsletter that promotes our Facebook page as well as your services and reminds them of what we can do for them at Car Care. They can also enter competitions to win free detailing if they’re on the mailing list.

• Add a link to the bottom of your emails that you send to your customers – see below example:

Click On The Link To Like Us on Facebook –


 We’re aware that some franchisees already have their own unofficial pages set up to promote their own businesses or would like to set up one.We are happy for you to do this, so long as you abide by Facebook Rules regarding having a business page. See below.1. You must make sure that you have NOT set your page up as a personal page – that is that you are requesting people to be your friend instead of looking for likes.

It’s actually against Facebook policy to set up a personal page as a business and if a complaint is made about your page, Facebook can remove your page without warning.

Reason: as a business you should not be asking your potential fans to be your friend as you are then asking them to let you as a business have access to all of their personal information on Facebook. If you are actually set up as a business fan page, you will only be seeking “likes” from potential fans and will have no access to their personal information.

Click on the below link to find out more about setting up a Page and the difference between pages and personal timelines.

2. You need to state on your page that this is not an official company page (in the description of your page) and you have to be able to direct people to the official Car Care page which is

3. If you need any help with operating your Car Care Facebook Fan Page, please send an email to with your question.