Welcome to Car Care Blacktown – NSW

Welcome to Car Care Blacktown

David Smith – Car Care Blacktown

My name is David Smith and I’m the owner/operator of Car Care Blacktown.

Blacktown is my main area of operations, but I also service the following postcodes – 2147, 2148, 2761, 2767, 2766

Call 1300 227 227 to make a booking or Click Here to make an Online Booking.

You can also contact me directly on 0488 900 820

What attracted me to the Car Care franchise?
The opportunity to work the hours I want to work, and earn a living doing a job that I would normally do on the weekend for free, cleaning & detailing cars!

What is the best part of my day as a Car Care Franchisee?
The thanks and gratitude I get from customers after I have detailed their car. They are more often quite surprised how good it looks once I have finished, especially after a buff.

What are the benefits of being a Car Care Franchisee?
Being in control of my working day, choosing the hours that I work and not pleading with the boss for some time off to go watch my kids playing sport or an event at school.

Since becoming a Car Care franchisee what has been your most memorable moment?
The first time I got a feedback in the form of a text message from a customer who was at work when I finished polishing his car. He didn’t get to see the finished result of the car until the afternoon. He was so impressed with how good it looked he sent me a text thanking me for the great job.

Recent Work

Before and After Shot - Cut & Polish

Before and After shot, detail of trailer