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Corey Baker - Car Care Seaford SA

Corey Baker – Car Care Seaford SA

My name is Corey Baker and I’m the Owner/Operator of Car Care Seaford.

I provide the full range of Car Care Services, including Pre Sale Details, Interior Details + Outside Wash, Special Interior Details, Mini Details & Polish, Full Details and Mini Details.

I also specialise in Buffing and Polishing, Paint Rejuvenation, Leather and Vinyl Protection, Fabric Protection, Paint Protection, Odour Removal.

I service mainly the Seaford area as well as Seaford/Rise, Seaford Meadows/Heights, Moana, Old Noarlunga, Pt.Noarlunga/South, Noarlunga Downs/Centre, Hackham/West, Onkaparinga Hills, Huntfield Heights, Maslin Beach and McLaren Vale/Flat.

Call 1300 227 227 or book a mobile detail or you can call me direct on 0451 162 790

Providing a high quality service and having happy customers is very important to me. I treat every car as though it was my own.

Before joining the Car Care team, I worked for 2 and half years as a CNC Laser Operator.  I have worked in a few different industries, but mainly as a Material Handler/Storeman. Becoming a Car Care business owner was attractive to me as I am involved in a lot of car clubs and have a big interest in anything that has wheels and an engine.  I was also attracted to being my own boss and the challenges ahead of me.

We had Corey Baker to detail our car for sale last weekend and I have to say “You did an amazing job mate, well done” Thank you. We will definitely recommend you to everybody. Even if they don’t have a car, I’ll tell them to buy one, so you can clean it.  Allen Wendt.


Below is a sample of my work….