Car Care WA – Rockingham

Welcome to Car Care Rockingham


My name is Mario, I provide mobile car detailing services to the suburbs of Rockingham, Safety Bay, Waikiki, Warnbro, Port Kennedy down to Secret Harbour across to Baldavis right up thru to Bertram and Kwinana and all the surrounding suburbs.

I provide mobile car detailing including mini details, interior details, full details and pre sale details.

Call 1300 227 227  book a mobile detail  or contact me directly on 0411 289 136.

I am a qualified accountant (but I hated it) and I had been mowing lawns for 17 years up until early 2011 when I became a part of the Car Care team. In some ways there are a lot of similarities between the 2 services. Both require trust from your customers, you need provide exceptional service, get there on time and present your business well. I have always detailed my own cars and have been fully trained by Car Care, also have an eye for detail. The best part of all is if I get stuck the office is always there to lend assistance.

I am a mad Dockers fan and an avid follower of the footy (best not get started on talking footy otherwise we might run out of time to get your car detailed!). If Matthew Pavlich needed a kidney I would happily donate mine (but he would have to give it back if he left!).

Swissvax on Maserati – happy customer