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Welcome to Car Care – Osborne ParkCar Care Osborne Park Bruce

Hi, my name is Bruce and I am very proud to be a franchisee with Car Care, providing mobile car detailing services to Osborne Park, Innaloo, Doubleview, Woodlands, Scarborough and Trigg area.

Call 1300 227 227 or Click Here to make an Online Booking.

Bentley detailed by Bruce from Car Care Osborne Park

You can also contact me directly on 0411 289 132.

I love working along side a very professional group of like minded car detailers. The Car Care brand is a well respected, proven product and is very well known in its field.

I am confident that my eye for detail, willingness to work hard, and my passion and respect for my customers, will produce excellent results. I look forward to the opportunity to detail your vehicle, no matter how small or large, with the added benefit that I will come to you, at your convenience.

Mobile Car Detailing McClaren

McClaren detailed by Bruce from Car Care Osborne Park

My previous experience was with one company for 30 years, within the retail sector.

I understand that companies need to evolve to meet the changing needs of their customers. A phrase we use to use in the retail sector was “retail is detail”. Seeking out every

opportunity to satisfy the customers needs. To have that eye for detail, and the desire to stay in front, this will bring benefits to my customers and to my time as a car detailer.

Detailed by Bruce from Car Care Osborne Park

I also provide one of Car Care’s newest services – Odour Removal using the Ozone Air Purifier. Click Here to find out more about this great 1cliplightpurifierheroservice.

Hi Bruce,  The smell has disappeared completely. Thank you for sorting and ridding the car of the smell. Enjoy your week. Jennifer Lynch