Headlight Restoration

Suitable for polycarbonate lenses

Supplies Required:-

Masking tape

1 sheet each of 2,000, 2,500 & 3,000 grit wet & dry sandpaperHeadlight restoration1

Rubber/cork sanding block

R2 or Swirls Away or similar cutting compound

Mirror Image or similar polish with a fine cut

Vinyl Shield or similar UV protectant


Apply a strip of masking tape to the vehicle’s paint surrounding the headlight to protect the paint.Headlight restoration2

Keeping the headlight wet with a soapy water solution (use a spray bottle), sandpaper first with the 2,000 grit, then the 2,500 and finally the 3,000 grit, wiping dry with a cloth in between sandpapers (the first sanding will remove the damaged layer of polycarbonate and the subsequent sandings will remove/reduce the scratches from the 2,000 grit paper)

Polish with the R2 compound – further reduces any scratches (buff or hand)

Polish with Mirror Image

Finally, wipe over with Vinyl Shield which has a UV protectant, let dry and buff with a dry microfiber cloth.

Price  – Approx  $30 per headlight ($60 per vehicle)

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