Remove Odours and Kill Bacteria with our patented Ozone treatment

  • Bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and propionibacteria
  • Viruses that cause respiratory infections like coughs and colds
  • Dead skin cells from you and your passengers
  • Allergens that can trigger flare-ups and asthma attacks
  • Mould that grows when the car stays damp for a while

We’ve tested this service on all the major odours that we regularly come across –  general musty smells, smokers vehicles, dog smells, urine and vomit and our customers have been amazed at the results.Perfect for odour removal in automobiles, RVs, boats, or other spaces with lingering odors or bacteria.

We don’t just spray your car with some nice smelling chemical that lasts a few hours, at best – we use a revolutionary Fresh Air Ozone Machine that actually kills and eliminates the smell.

The PURIFIER is the most powerful and effective eliminator of all those ‘living odours’ found in cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and homes.
The PURIFIER also seeks out harmful bacteria and allergens by permeating the fabrics of your vehicles carpets and seats; every nook and cranny. The PURIFIER works by enveloping the living quarters and saturating them with ozone – eliminating the source.

OZONE, for centuries, has protected the earth from radiation. Now it can protect you from the harmful bacteria found where you live and work and increase your quality of life.

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Benefits of Odour Removal and Sanitisation:

  • Removes viruses and bacteria

  • Removes the odour and the source of the odour

  • Ozone protects our planet – let it protect you

  • Leaves you with a clean and safe environment

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Your Car Odour Removal & Sanitisation Service

Your Car Steering Wheel Has 12 Times As Many Germs As Your Toilet Seat!

When you wash your car at home, you pay more attention to the outer surfaces. This makes sense because those surfaces are visibly dirty. So, when your bonnet or windows accumulate a layer of dust and dirt, you know it’s time to take your car to the detailer. However, the worst forms of dirt are things you can’t even see, and they’re all hiding inside your car.

According to multiple studies, the typical car interior has nearly 300 kinds of germs on every square inch. An Ashton University study found 700 types of bacteria on steering wheels, making them dirtier than a toilet seat (which only has 60 types of bacteria). Similarly, Birmingham University found children’s car seats with 100 bacteria for every square centimetre, while toilet seats have between 10 and 50 bacteria on a square centimetre.

Not where you expect it
We often assume the dashboard is the dirtiest part of the car because we’re always fiddling with it. In reality, steering wheels hide the most dirt, while car dials are far cleaner.

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But what are the exact types of dirt will you come across inside the car?

  • Bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and propionibacteria
  • Viruses that cause respiratory infections like coughs and colds
  • Dead skin cells from you and your passengers
  • Pet dander from your furry and/or feathered family members
  • Allergens that can trigger flare-ups and asthma attacks
  • Mould that grows when the car stays damp for a while

As you can see, you’ve been worrying about the wrong things. You wanted to clean your car because you spilt something in it. But even after what you may think is a ‘deep clean’, there’s still a lot of unseen dirt in your vehicle. That’s where we come in. Here at Car Care, we thoroughly detail your car. Depending on the package you order, we’ll get rid of the visible dirt on the outside, as well as the invisible germs on the inside. Interiors are especially susceptible to particulate dirt.

Stubborn car smells

These particulates are tiny microscopic bits of dirt. They’re so small that they can get in-between fabric fibres and hide in car crevices. They sometimes come from hidden crumbs, bits of food, and other materials that got stuck in unreachable parts of the car, like between the seats or under the carpet. It’s why the car continues to smell, even after scrubbing and perfuming.

Car Care uses a special patented technology called The Purifier. We use it to saturate your car with Ozone, and it will get rid of the toughest contaminants – smoker’s smells, pet scents, even the after-effects of a wild weekend. We’ll wash off the visible dirt, and then, if you request deodorisation, we’ll use the Purifier. It gets into all those hidden spaces, suffocates viruses and bacteria, and smothers any living allergens, leaving your car truly spotless.

About Car Care Australia

Car Care started in Perth in 1987 and has grown into Australia’s largest mobile car detailer. Even from those early days we set out to be different and were the first company to carry our own power and water so that we could work anywhere. In many ways our service hasn’t changed that much although the range of car care products we carry have grown significantly over time. Back in those early days there was no such thing as Paint Protection or Micro Fibre Cloths.

In 1990 we saw franchising as a way to expand our network that now covers every State and Territory in Australia as it not only created opportunities for over 300 men and women to run their own business it also ensured the level of service that we wanted to offer with customer focused detailers. We even expanded to New Zealand.

That attention to detail along with national coverage has enabled us to provide our car detailing services to most (if not all) of the major vehicle manufacturers over that time. It has also enabled us to work on some very different and challenging events. This included maintaining a fleet of Audi’s as they and the accompanying journalists travelled across the Nullabor. We have attended most sporting events from AFL to Cricket to the Australian Open, Formula 1 Grand Prix, etc. and more recently in 2019 looking after all the vehicles (including the Royal one) at the Invictus Games in Sydney.

The most significant changes we have seen have been in technology. When we started out there was no such thing as mobile phones so our detailers used a telephone box to call the office for their next job. Through a cloud based job allocation system developed by our parent company Mpower Franchising Pty Ltd our detailers can now access enquiries through an App on their phone enabling them to respond to a client promptly.

We will continue to innovate and expand our coverage and range of services in the car appearance market through delivering a mobile service in a client focused way whilst maintaining the opportunities for those wishing to run their own business.

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Why Our Customers Use Car Care

Professionalism and attention to detail

I had Jae come out to detail one of our vehicles being a Subaru Forrester. The car was in a pretty dirty condition with my husband using it for work purposes. I was very impressed with Jae’s professionalism and attention to detail. The car looks immaculate as we are getting ready to trade it in.

Sue Babich
Kellyville Ridge, NSW

This is a letter of appreciation and great service we have received from one of your Franchisees.

We have used a number of Detailers for our Company vehicles such as cars, four wheel drives and our heavy trucks. It is with great pleasure that we can highly recommend Colin Crane from Car Care Casey who offers a brilliant service and goes above and beyond our expectations. Colin made a great first impression

Tim Kirby

Worked tirelessly for 5 hours

From my initial contact with the owner of Car Care, Craig, with whom I expressed my cynicism regarding the false claims that went unchecked with other “online and web-based advertisers”, he reassured me that their philosophy was simple – “we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are satisfied”.
From the moment the Car Care

Dural, NSW

Highly recommended

Thank you Stuart from Car Care Ormeau for the great job on my car. Highly recommended.

Tanya Ray
United Home Services
Ormeau, VIC

You did an amazing job mate, well done

We had Corey Baker to detail our car for sale last weekend and I have to say “You did an amazing job mate, well done” Thank you. We will definitely recommend you to everybody. Even if they don’t have a car, I’ll tell them to buy one, so you can clean it.

Allen Wendt

I will be booking for a full service for my 1960 jaguar mark 9

I looked at your website yesterday and was so impressed I will be booking for a full service for my 1960 jaguar mark 9 later in the year with the Couplertec rust protection as well.

Laurence Watkins

My car looks great!

My car looks great. Thank you very much Greg.

Dawesville, WA

My Hummer looks like new

Thanks Greg, my Hummer looks like new, I’m real fussy with my baby…

Falcon, WA

Above and Beyond the call of duty

Absolutely Loved the work, Ben went Above and Beyond the call of duty, A BIG THANK YOU to Ben.

Flagstaff Hill, SA

An unbelievable job inside and out

Jim from Fremantle Car Care came to clean our car today and just want to say that he did an unbelievable job inside and out! The car had been neglected for a long time that it was a bit of an embarrassment. Jim kept insisting it wasn’t “the worst” he’d seen but I think he

Jeremy B
Fremantle, WA

Our car came up cleaner than we had expected or hoped for, inside and out

Hi, I was in contact a little while ago – hoping to leave a review for the work that Chris did on our Prado… Chris was such a genuine person to work with – who obviously cared about the quality of his work – taking time to get through all the pet hair we had

Sara & Dave

Very prompt, professional and polite

Glen from Car Care NT, was very prompt, professional and polite, the car looks brand new. I will be letting people know about the business and will be a return customer. I just wanted to send you a message to say how happy I am with my car detail on Saturday. Glen was very prompt,

Kara Blohm

Jared returned our ute to showroom condition.

We would just like to thank Jared from Car Care Burswood for his professionalism and amazing abilities. We have had our 4WD detailed twice by Jared and both times he made the car look brand new again. He has also detailed our work ute which we must say was in a sad state and looked

Brooke & Jeff Fitch
African Thatch Pty Ltd

I Highly Recommend Chris, Great Job!!

I Highly Recommend Chris, Great Job!!

Hahndorf, SA

Awesome job man, Very impressed

Had my 4wd cleaned by Jared the Burswood guy. Awesome job man, Very impressed.

Cameron Reid
Burswood, WA

My car looks fantastic

Hi Greg. Thanks so much – my car looks fantastic.


Very happy customer

Very happy customer, first time user of the car care franchise.
Was extremely happy with Dean Pitcher, who I can’t speak highly enough of Dean. Took his time to achieve perfection, made my car look brand new. Will definitely be contacting and referring him to everybody. Thanks Dean

Jenna Duncan

I’m impressed with the attention to detail I got for my dollar

I had Car Care come in to do a Full Detail service. I just bought a used Golf but there was a lingering interior smell of the family dog. The detailer (Ming Yin – Car Care SILVERWATER, NSW) arrived spot-on time on the Saturday morning and spent a solid four hours going over the car.

Sean Maher
Birchgrove, NSW

Detailed my car for very first show and it looked brilliant

I would just like to say a big thankyou to Chris. I would be happy to highly recommend his services. He detailed my car for very first show and it looked brilliant. He went above and beyond to ensure it looked its best, even to the extent of attending the car show for touch ups

Winner of Best 4×4 at Car Show
Marsden Park, NSW

Love your work!

The car looks amazing. Love your work Greg.

Greenfields, WA

I wish to express my great satisfaction

I wish to express my great satisfaction with your Franchisee Car Care Southern Highlands (Alan Royle).
Alan did an absolutely fantastic job and recommend him very highly. Our car is only 1 month old and I have taken it 4WD’ing and it came back with scratches that Alan removed.
Alan was pleasant, thorough

Geoff Bateup
Balio Oasis

Australia’s leading mobile detailing service

Matthew Pavlich Fremantle Dockers captain talks about the benefits of using Car Care Australia’s leading mobile detailing service.

Matthew Pavlich
Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle, WA

It came up better than I thought it would

Hi Greg, thanks for doing my car today, it came up better than I thought it would. Thanks also for driving me to work, fully appreciated your services today and will certainly recommend you.

Mandurah, WA
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