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Your Car Care Detailer is the business owner and supported by a team of experienced people that are also business owners, based in their state. This provides our franchised detailers with local support from people who not only understand business but also the local conditions.

The benefits of this to you, our customer, is that it connects you to someone that is not just interested in washing your car but also wants to provide a higher level of customer service, as this is essential to them building their business. Most our Car Detailers have been with us for over 7 years and some as much as 20+ years so not only can they provide you with a professional detailing service they will have experienced just about every challenge that your car is going to throw at them.

Combine this with the support from their local Master Franchisee, many of whom were detailers,  you have about 200 years experience to ensure that your car, caravan, truck or even super car is in great hands.

If McLaren trusts us to look after their $500,000+ vehicles your car is in good hands.

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A Car Care Franchisee is supported by a team of experienced business people that are based in their state. This provides franchisees with local support from people who not only understand business but also the local conditions.

When combined, our Master Franchisees have about 200 years experience.

We learnt by getting our own hands dirty before we started franchising in 1990 which gave our first franchisees the comfort of knowing the system worked. Since that time we have grown to around 100 franchisees across Australia.

Why did we franchise?
Quite simply, this was the best way of achieving the high standards of customer service that we demanded of ourselves. From a customer perspective it provides them with the best of both worlds:
• The ability to deal directly with a small business owner who cares about providing them with the best possible service
• The security of dealing with an established brand name that has been around for a long time

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