Car Care – East Perth

Welcome to Car Care East Perth

My name is Stuart and as well as looking after the East Perth area, I provide mobile detailing services in North Perth and High Gate. I am happy to go anywhere and if I have some notice I will also work the odd weekend, but not too often, after all you have to have a life!

Of course I will come to you at your home, work place wherever is convenient, saving you time and the hassle of having to drop a car off and pick it up or hang around and wait for it. So if you are after a well detailed car I am your man.

Call 1300 227 227 to make a booking or Click Here to make an Online Booking.

You can also contact me directly on 0411 289 130.

The most unique thing about my business is me! Seriously though I have been doing this now for 8 years and don’t get too many surprises and I am happy doing anything from a mini detail to a full detail, cutting and polishing. Having said that though I have had some unusual jobs, I was asked to detail a filthy excavator that was certainly a challenge.

The excavator aside, I still amaze myself getting out of bed for those 6am jobs (luckily there aren’t too many of them!). I also get to meet many people and I consider leaving them happy to be the best part of my job