Car Odour Removal

Smelly Car? We don't just spray something to mask the smell, we remove it.


An odour removal system that actually “Removes Odours and Kills Bacteria” – not just masking them temporarily.


We’ve tested this service on all the major odours that we regularly come across –  general musty smells, smokers vehicles, dog smells, urine and vomit and our customers have been amazed at the results.

Perfect for odour removal in automobiles, RVs, boats, or other spaces with lingering odors or bacteria.

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We don’t just spray your car with some nice smelling chemical that lasts a few hours, at best – we use a revolutionary Fresh Air Ozone Machine that actually kills eliminates the smell.

The PURIFIER is the most powerful and effective eliminator of all those ‘living odours’ found in cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and homes. The PURIFIER not only eliminates the obvious odours, such as smoke, mildew and cooking smells, but also seeks out harmful bacteria and allergens by permeating the fabrics of your vehicles carpets and seats; every nook and cranny. The PURIFIER works by enveloping the living quarters and saturating them with ozone – it eliminates the source.

OZONE, for centuries, has protected the earth from radiation. Now it can protect you from the harmful bacteria found where you live and work and increase your quality of life.

Hi Bruce,  The smell has disappeared completely. Thank you for sorting and ridding the car of the smell. Enjoy your week. Jennifer Lynch