Car Care WA – Joondalup

Welcome to Car Care Joondalup

My name is Scott and I have been a part of Car Care for well over 4 years after coming over from the UK.

I seem to always be busy and I have a very loyal (and satisfied customer group!). I look after the areas of Joondalup, Connolly, Edgewater, Iluka and Currambine. If you live or work around this area, it is me you want but make sure you ask in advance so I can fit you into my busy schedule!

Call 1300 227 227 to make a booking or Click Here to make an Online Booking.

You can also call me directly on 0411 289 118.

I have had previous experience over there detailing cars in my trade as a mechanic. We were expected to do detailing as part of our trade, after all the way I see it maintaining your paintwork and upholstery, is as important as looking after your car mechanically. All of my clients are satisfied with the service that I provide in maintaining the inside and outside of their vehicles. Depending on how much their cars are exposed to the elements to keep the paintwork in top notch condition I always recommend polishing between 3-6 months.