With Car Care now in its 25th year of business, we still believe 100% in the ability of a strong partnership , which makes a successfully business for both Car Care Australia and the local Car Care franchisee. Without a strong partnership within both parties we wouldn’t have grown as we have over the past 25 years and be the No1 Car Detailing comapny in Australia today.

This partnership is crucially important and it is evident from the very first moment a new franchisee starts with Car Care. Our latest Car Care NSW franchisee Matthew Khoury is testiment to this. Matthew purchased his business in early August 2011.
Matthew was previously a car detailer for a very prestiguos luxury European car manufacturer for 10 years. Matthew’s experience was well intrenched into his day to day operations already, so with Car Care’s initial training programme he was fine tuned on how to detail the Car Care way.
Car Care, because of its longevity in the industry has fine tuned its services to maximise customer satisfaction whilst making sure that our detailers aren’t wasting precious time chasing their tailS. From the very first week of Matthews training he was supplied work which he was paid for. His business has steadfastly grown with him having his first $3000 turnover week just recently.

With the skills Matthew has been trained on with business developement, local marketing techniques (he uses to grow his business), accounts and practical detailing training which coupled with the call centre suppling Matthew work he is on the right road to building a very successful business within a very short period of time.

Oh yes and Matthew financially is earning nearly three times the amount he was earning previously and is his own boss.