Owning a car in Australia can be costly if you don’t take good care of it. The harsh weather and road conditions can wear your car out faster than many other regions across the globe. Regular care and maintenance will enhance your car’s performance and lifespan.

This article elaborates on how you can reduce the cost of owning and maintaining your car in Australia.

Factors that contribute to car ownership costs

Many people only consider the buying price or loan payments when evaluating the cost of owning a car. Yet, they overlook its operations and maintenance costs. As such, many of these people are ill-prepared to appreciate the value of regular service checks, parts replacements, personal maintenance and cleanliness. Below are four factors that affect the cost of car ownership in Australia and some of their solutions.

i.                     Regular servicing

The best care you can give your car is to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Many new cars come with a predefined maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. These schedules help to prevent a garage from voiding your warranty. Maintaining the validity of your car’s warranty significantly lowers the cost of repairs and parts replacement.

For older cars, you can adhere to your technician’s maintenance schedule. The technicians can inspect and gauge the lifespan of hidden components in your car. Reputable technicians give you the most suitable servicing schedules to enhance your car’s performance while keeping maintenance costs low.

Regular servicing ensures that your car is always in its best condition. In addition, optimal vehicle performance can significantly lower operational expenses and its overall cost of ownership.

ii.                   Regular car detailing

Car detailing protects the interior and exterior body of your car from wear and tear. Professional car detailing extends the appearance and lifespan of your cars’ seats, dashboard, upholstery and paint job. Professional detailers apply protective coatings on your car’s components to protect them from the elements. Without this protection, these paint jobs quickly fade away under the hot Australian sun and extreme weather.

iii.                 Quality spare parts

Replacing worn-out components on time helps you avoid incurring higher maintenance costs in the future. Driving with worn components puts unnecessary strain on delicate parts of your car. Vehicle manufacturers incorporate easy-to-replace spare parts to protect more expensive car parts from damage. For example, replacing a worn-out bushing on time can save you from damaging your wheel end bearings or hub. You can save more money by using quality aftermarket parts that give you high performance at affordable rates.

iv.                 Fuel-efficient driving

The cost of fuel significantly affects the overall cost of owning your vehicle. You can learn and practice fuel-efficient driving techniques to lower the operational cost of your vehicle. Below are a few fuel-efficient driving techniques you can consider using.

–          Maintain steady speeds

–          Gentle acceleration

–          Maintain ideal tyre pressure

–          Avoid unnecessary engine idling

Reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance of your car helps you save money for other ventures. Cost-saving practices also reduce the risk of roadside failures and unplanned downtime. Car Care Australia provides one of the most comprehensive car detailing services in the country. Our detailers go over every part of your car with the utmost attention. Regular detailing can help you identify and address hidden problems. Call Car Care today on 1300 227 227 to schedule our car detailing services.


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