Thinking of having your car detailed in Perth?

Then call Car Care your local mobile car detailing specialists. We were founded in Perth and although we have gone on to become Australia’s largest mobile car detailer, Perth is still our home base.


For Mobile Detailing in Perth you can go direct to your local Perth Mobile Car Detailing specialist:

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Our business has evolved with the times, as you can tell by the vans! We strive to be ahead of the curve in all aspects of our business, from the latest trends in car detailing to improving the client experience through better communications.

As Australia’s largest mobile detailer* Car Care is the preferred detailing provider to most of the vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, Mercedes, etc.  Having said that, the majority of our customers are small business owners and individuals who are just time-poor.  Another frequent user of our services is the person selling their car as a properly detailed car can make a big difference in the sales price.  You wouldn’t have an Home Open without cleaning your house so why would you try to sell a dirty car?

As well as all that we also do fleet work for many government organisations such as The Health Department, Child Protection, and corporate alike. We are the preferred supplier for leasing companies like Fleetcare and SG Fleet the detailing can range from call outs for “accidents”. To keeping their fleet cleaned regularly or when they have new people take vehicles over.

Contact us in whatever way suits you book a mobile detail, find a mobile detailer, or take a look at our complete range of  car detailing services.

Check out the rest of the website for our specialised services like Paint Protection, Paint Correction  and some of the more recent additions to our services like Head Light Restoration and an Ozone Treatment that removes nasty smells from your car. With most vehicles on the road now going to a poly carbonate head light they can deteriorate just like your paint work, sometimes faster. In WA we have two different processes, one that will last about a year and is fine for someone that might be looking to sell in the near future and the other that takes a little longer because of the process but should keep the lights looking new for up to two years or even longer.  The Ozone Treatment is a system used to help get rid of those awful smells that the bacteria trapped in your car can make. We use ozone that gets pushed through the air conditioning system and through the rest of the car. This circulates internally with the car completely shut up. The ozone actually kills the bacteria in the vehicle that is the cause of most smells. The benefit of ozone is that it breaks down very quickly and after even just a couple of minutes of ventilating the car it is quite safe to get back in again.

The chances are if you own a vehicle at some point our services would be valuable to you. We have detailers right the way across Perth Metro area from Yanchep in the North to Lake Clifton in the south and east into the Hills. So why choose Car Care  to detail your car? Well it is quite a list:

  • We come out to you at home or work, yes we know there are other detailers that do this but some of the other reasons are listed so read on!
  • Your Car Care detailer owns the detailing business. They are not casual workers being paid minimum wage who have no interest in cars or whether you come back again.
  • Our detailers are fully trained in all aspects of car detailing. They have all received a minimum of one week residential training and we operate an ongoing training program to keep them up to date with the new products and techniques like paint correction.
  • Car Care detailers are fully insured and covered by a a minimum of $10 million Public Liability policy. More importantly, from a customer stand point, your vehicle is insured up to the value of $100,000. All Car Care detailers must carry this insurance, giving you peace of mind.
  • We carry our own power and water so are a truly mobile service.  This means they don’t need to hook their pressure cleaner up to your mains water supply and use your power to run their equipment. Surprisingly, a lot of our competitors don’t even use a pressure cleaner but a hose.  This not only gives you a poorer result it significantly increases water usage.
  • Save Time – with just a little planning as the customer you will save it! As stated we come to you, whether it is at your home or office. You can be getting on with your day while we are getting on with detailing your car.
  • Some detailers who run fixed sites will tell you we have a limited range of equipment and products due to having to keep it all in the van that we get around in. Nothing could be further from the truth. We only use quality detailing equipment and we carry a comprehensive range of stock as well. Just have a look at the rear of one of the detailers vans when they come to detail your car. You will be amazed at how much we can fit in there!
  • Trust – as stated earlier we have been around since 1987. Obviously the detailers that started back then have moved on, hey they got tired! Having said that the people that join our business generally stay a while. We still have one our detailers that has been with us almost 25 years, with plenty over 10 years.  As Australia’s largest mobile detailer we have a reputation that has taken many years to build so we don’t take customer service lightly.

As a car detailing business covering the greater area of Perth we are sure to have someone close at hand to detail your vehicle, car, truck, Ute, SUV, Harley, boat, digger, industrial machine – and a few strange items as you see below. That doesn’t mean we don’t have room for people that want to get involved in this great business, especially if you want to open a car detailing business in Geraldton, Bunbury, Busselton/Dunsborough, Albany and Kalgoorlie. We are always on the lookout for good people and if you like working outdoors meeting new and different people maybe this is for you. A Car Care car detailing franchise does not require you to put your house on the line and you might be surprised to know that many of our detailers earn a six figure sum.

You still may have some reservations about our business model and perhaps the fact that it is a franchised business. Franchising since the 1990’s has become highly regulated and at Car Care we take compliance with the Franchising Code very seriously. This is also why we are members of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) as they stand for maintaining integrity in the franchising sector. We are a little different in a lot of ways but none more so than than in how we look to empower our detailers to take control of their business by encouraging them to engage directly with their clients and develop relationships with them. This gives the customer piece of mind that if they want the same detailer as they had last time that is what they will get.

Over the years we have done a lot of different jobs for a diverse range of clients. So read on you might be surprised what we can help you with and what we have done. We have travelled from Perth to Port Lincoln detailing a range of Audi vehicles for both Audi and the Tourism commissions of South Australia and Western Australia.

On another travel type assignment with a twist we have also driven to the Mount Keith mine site (about a 6 hour drive north of Kalgoorlie) to detail the inside of a huge excavator. There were three of these particular pieces of equipment and one of them all the operators referred to as “the pig”. Needless to say it was treated this way and was consistently the worst machine from a production point of view. So the powers that be bought in Car Care and we spent a 12 hour shift making the inside of the cab a habitable environment again! We never did find out if it helped production but they did say it was then the one all the operators wanted to get into.

We have detailed generators, sometimes when this gear sits around for a while the paint can get oxidised so rather than the hire companies respraying them we come in and clean them up and make them shiny again with machine polishing.

One of our detailers has washed a fibreglass horse that was used out the front of a business for promotional purposes. That raised a few eyebrows from passers by!

We have done light aircraft a Lear jet has been done as well as a helicopter in the past that the paint had faded that we made look awesome again.

One of the more bizarre requests was to shampoo carpet some artistic (that’s one word for it) guy had glued all over the outside of his car. They say it takes all kinds and we don’t discriminate!

We of course do all the other usual things like trucks buses and so on.  We detail small cars, large cars, clean cars, filthy cars, new cars, old cars. We do Mum’s taxis, People Carriers, Porsche’s and Ferrari’s and we give the same love and attention to them all.

With Car Care you get the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a recognised brand that takes your service seriously whilst at the same time dealing with a local small business operator who values your custom.

Car Care (WA) Bullcreek

Holden Ute

If there isn’t a Car Care detailer in your area this may well be a career opportunity for you. We have people from a diverse background at Car Care and we were voted #1 in Lifestyle from a group of 90 franchises in 2008. Existing franchises also for sale.

Call our Perth office now, or complete our Online Enquiry Form, as your car is getting dirtier by the minute!
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*IBIS World’s report – Car Wash and Detailing Services in Australia – April 2016