At Car Care we believe in complete car maintenance. This doesn’t stop at just internal/external detailing, paint, leather, vinyl, fabric and carpet protection but also we believe in rust protection as well.

To look at what is on the market currently, you firstly have to examine the causes and effects of rust has on vehicles. Bare metal (steel) has a tendency to return to its natural state, which is Iron Oxide. The metal gives up its electrons, which exposes the Atom of the metal to Oxygen and Moisture which then combines with the metal Atom to form Ferric Oxide, otherwise known as Rust. As the metal rusts it creates electrons. If the metal is in a corrosive environment (such as salt water) the electrons are lost at a greater rate and the metal will therefore create more electrons, thus accelerating the corrosion process.

If the vehicles/structures paintwork is damaged by a stone chip or scratch and the metal is exposed, then a light coating of surface rust will form on the exposed metal, however, rust will not take hold as the surface rust in this instance takes the place of the missing paint and becomes the dielectric which in turn keeps the electrons from flowing away. The stone chip/scratch will be stabilised and turn a dark brown colour, which is non‐active ferric oxide.

At Car Care we have a product that beats rust head on right at corrosion process. The product is called Couplertec Electronic Rustproofing.

CouplerTec’s Capacitive Coupling Technology provides a surplus of electrons across the entire surface of the motor vehicle or structure so that the supply of electrons exceeds the demand or loss of electrons from within the metal. Thus stopping the metal from producing electrons, it is this process that interferes with the oxidization cycle and protects the vehicle or structure from rust.
Commonly asked questions and answers.

Q- Why rust proof a vehicle?

A-The majority of motor vehicles are made from metal and unfortunately when metal is combined with air and moisture the result is RUST or Oxidization. Simply washing a vehicle increases the chances of RUST damage. Any type of moisture, humidity, minerals, chemicals, and airborne salt as an example can also assist in the forming of RUST. Couplertec Electronic Rust Proofing Systems prevents rust from taking hold.

Q- my car already has some rust – Will Couplertec help?

A-Yes Even in severe cases, CouplerTec systems have been proven to slow the corrosion process. It is recommended that a CouplerTec system be installed prior to having your vehicle’s rust repaired, this will allow time for the CouplerTec Technology to stabilise any existing corrosion.

Q-If I sell my vehicle can I take the Couplertec system off and transfer it to another vehicle?

A-Yes. The CouplerTec system is easily transferred from one vehicle to another.

Q-Are there any other benefits of fitting a couplertec system to my vehicle?

A-Our research has determined that the addition of a CouplerTec system to a vehicle will ensure that small paint chips and scratches will not spread. There is also anecdotal evidence to suggest that the technology ensures the vehicle’s paintwork and lustre is kept looking like new for longer

Q. Is CouplerTec the more expensive option, over other rust proofing methods?


 A. No Unlike conventional sprays and coatings that need to be topped up or reapplied on an annual basis. A CouplerTec system is a once only cost and the module can be easily transferred to another vehicle.  
So if you are in need of some Rust Protection systems call Car Care for more information