Most car bodies and components contain iron and can be affected by rust. Rust develops when you expose iron to moisture and oxygen. Because of this reaction, vehicle manufacturers coat your car in several layers of paint to prevent rust damage.

However, dents, stone chips and scratches can damage your paint and expose your car’s body to the elements. But with extra care, you can keep your car looking as good as new for years. Regular car detailing is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your vehicle from rust and maintain its value.

This article highlights three reasons why rust is bad for your car and how to prevent it. Read on if you would like to know more about the effects of rust on your car.

Dangers of Car Rust

While most rust problems start as superficial cosmetic damage, they can develop into safety hazards if neglected. Below are three challenges caused by rust.


i. Destroys aesthetic value

Rust stains on your car’s body can damage your paint job by corroding the coatings and making it look damaged and aged. Rust can develop from a minor scratch on your car’s body and grow beneath the surface to cause lasting damage.


ii. Compromises structural integrity

Rust can eat away at the internal components of your car and compromise its stability and, if neglected, can damage your chassis, wheel wells, fuel tank housing, engine mounts and other parts. Rust weakens your car’s structural components and limits its capacity to handle impacts, consequently endangering your life.


iii. Costly repairs

If you don’t deal with rust early, it could damage costly components of your car, affecting entire systems, such as your suspension system, transmission system or drive train. In addition, you may need professional technicians to verify the extent of the damage.


How to Prevent Car Rust

The best way to control the build-up of rust is through preventive measures. Once rust has developed on your vehicle, you must act fast to contain and eliminate it. Below are two methods to control rust damage on your car.


i. Regular inspection

It is advisable to inspect your car regularly to ensure mechanical and aesthetic integrity. Car detailers are known for their attention to detail – they can quickly identify and point out paint defects that may lead to rust formation. Regular car detailing gives you access to a professional opinion on your car’s condition.


ii. Using quality polish

Reputable car detailers have the option of a professional polish as part of their package. At Car Care Australia, we use quality products to enhance your car’s appearance. Our detailers can rejuvenate your paintwork to make sure your car looks as good as new. Our car detailers use PTFE or “ceramic” coatings to add a tough layer of extra protection to your car, reviving its lustre and resistance to damage.

Car rust prevention and control is a cost-effective way to keep your car in excellent condition throughout its lifespan. Having your car comprehensively detailed once or twice a year keeps it looking its best and prevents long term damage. Call Car Care Australia today on 1300 227 227 to benefit from our comprehensive yet affordable car detailing service.


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