Cars mostly compromise of metal and metal is susceptible to rust. It may seem strange to suggest that mobile car detailing is a deterrent to rust. After all, cars are washed with water, and water is the primary trigger of rust. However, if you clean your car the right way, you can keep the rust at bay. Aside from making your car unattractive, what does rust do?

First, consider the different kinds of rust. Sometimes, you’ll notice a small bubble of rust on the body of your car. It doesn’t look pretty, but as long as you deal with it early, it won’t spread. Car bodies are treated with several coats of paint to protect the susceptible metal hull. If a stone or rock chips through the paint and reaches the hull, it can rust.

This tiny bit of rust peeks through the layers and stands out against the colour of the car. Some spot-work can resolve it. You can do it in your garage or have a mechanic do it for you. You may also see some cosmetic rust if you drove on a rough road and gravel scraped off speckled portions of paint. It’s important to inspect your car surface regularly.

Some parts of your car are thinner than others. They include fenders, the bottom of the door, or the seams. Because the protective paint layer isn’t as thick here, rust can easily poke a hole through the car’s body. Rust on fuel pipes, the frame of the car, or brake lines can be a safety hazard. If these portions of the car are weakened, the car can literally fall apart.

If you’ve had your car a while, you may not realise how bad your rust problem is. It may seem like a small cosmetic spot, but sometimes, the rust begins at that single spot and spreads beneath the paint. You won’t know how severe the damage is unless you sand the rust spot to see how wide it is. The problem is worse in humid areas.

Getting your car routinely detailed by professionals can help to ease your rust problem. For one thing, you can distinguish rusty spots from regular dirt. It isn’t as easy to tell the difference after a home wash. For another, when Car Care Australia details your car, we wash and dry it, so there’s less likelihood of rust and damp.

On more thing you can do to protect your car from rust is to use our paint correction and paint protection services. Paint correction peels off damaged paint including rust spots, cleans them out, and repairs the defaced portion. Paint protection uses a Toughseal acrylic coating to prevent destruction before it happens.

Toughseal bonds with your car’s paint at a chemical level, protecting it from acid rain, UV rays, lime in bird poop, road salts, and other contaminants that could peel your paint job and expose your car to rust. To keep your vehicle clean and rust-free, call Car Care Australia today on 1300 227 227.