You may have heard the saying, “spa days are a necessity, not a luxury”. And, when it comes to the care of your vehicle, the same philosophy should apply. You’ll reap the rewards after taking the time to give your car a full package treatment. Every car deserves a trip to the car “day spa”.


Benefits of the full package


There may be a special event approaching. Perhaps a holiday or busy school year has your 4-wheeled friend run ragged. Maybe it’s just time to feel refreshed, to look and feel good inside and out. Car detailers are trained to treat your car to hours of “pampering”, returning it to you like you may have never seen it before!


Benefits include:

  • Preserving the appearance of your car.
  • Retaining (or even adding) value to your vehicle.
  • Optimising your car for resale – a full detail can add hundreds, if not thousands, to the resale price. It can also expedite the sale process.
  • Increasing the longevity of finishes, including the exterior paintwork, leather and upholstery- your car feels newer for longer.
  • Increasing your customer rating and professionalism (perfect for taxis and car-share services).
  • Making your car a total pleasure and joy to drive.


What it involves


A full detail day spa treatment is so much more than a regular clean. In fact, Car Care’s Day Spa package includes a massive 105 step process to ensure that every inch of your vehicle receives the TLC it deserves.


Like a good skincare regime, it commences with a cleanse. Interior details cover every nook and cranny. It’s amazing what an abyss a car can become for loose change, hair accessories, business cards and a lot of grit and grime. Carpets and upholstery are then shampooed, and/or a leather conditioning treatment applied. Expert car detailers will have a range of products and polishes on hand to ensure that the ideal product is used on your vehicle in order to achieve the very best results. Exterior door rubbers and plastics are also treated. Internal stains are expertly treated. Even difficult stains such as oily sunscreen fingerprints, chocolate or makeup stains can be successfully treated with the help of a professional detailer’s expertise.


A day spa package goes beyond the regular detail service. Think of it more like a glamour makeover! Blemishes such as minor scratches and contaminants to paintwork are removed wherever possible, using specialist processes and materials, such as a Clay Bar and/or a machine polish. Then the car is buffed and polished, looking like new. Stubborn odours are eliminated, and that striking “new car” smell is restored. The chrome finishes will sparkle. The ashtray will be crumb-free and pristine. Tyres and mud flaps will be glossed and glistening. From floor to ceiling and rims to roof, your car will dazzle, delight and deliver you hours of comfort and driving pleasure.


A full detail is a thorough and time-consuming process. A car detailing service that comes to you means that you can get on with what matters while your car is at the spa! Treat your car to a five-star day spa treatment, with full detail by Car Care. Contact Car Care– Australia’s largest mobile detailing network- today.


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