Most of the time, you probably wash your car yourself. Other times, the local kids may have a charity car wash event to raise money for one cause or another. If the teens in your neighbourhood are particularly enterprising, they might have a car wash crew, just like their paper route or lawn mowing operation. Between that and the occasional drizzle, your car stays in relatively dust-free shape.

Still, now and then, you want to get your car professionally detailed. What do you look for in your car washing crew at such times? Price? Convenience? Experience? Car Care has all those benefits and more, which is why you should look us up for automobile detailing anywhere in Australia, or in New Zealand’s northern island. We’ve been in the business of soaps and suds for over 30 years, and we have franchises from Toowoomba to Tasmania.


We’re environmentally conscious

For a nation surrounded by ocean on all sides, we’re pretty big on water conservation. It’s probably because relatively low volumes of that water are usable, between limited rainfall, salt-water lakes, and our national tanks and swimming pools. Car Care is fully aware of this, so when we come to wash your car, we bring our own water. We also have a power source inside our detailing vans so that we won’t impinge on your utilities.

Even as we use our water, we still abide by Aussie standards on water restriction. Our service is a mobile one, so we clean over 100,000 cars every year, driving from Auckland to Darwin in our quest for clean vehicles. We don’t levy call-out charges, and our prices are pocket-friendly. You can request one of our template packages, or you can order a custom detailing where we’ll only focus on the parts of your car that you want us to.


We’re thorough

Our custom wash is less than $100 and involves a ‘basic’ wash and dry for your exteriors, vacuuming and dusting your interiors, and patented deodorising that removes scents, germs, and allergens. Our approach to detailing is very hands on. We will shampoo, rinse at high pressure, and dry by hand using chamois fabric. This prevents any scrapes or scratches by fine dirt, and we never use harsh detergents or abrasive cleaning materials.

While our most basic package is more thorough than your average automated car wash, we can do an even deeper clean. Full detailing includes surface engine wash and covers all the rubbers and plastics, both inside and outside your car. We can also do bodywork in the form of waxing, polishing, paint protection, and sealing. These services can be done by hand or machine based on your preference.


We’re licensed

Every one that bears the Car Care name is insured and trained, so any office you call offers uniform service, from Redland Bay to Perth. Our deodorising service uses hi-tech ozone saturation methods, our polish package entails globally acclaimed Swissvax technology, and we even have specialised services like defogging headlights and pre-sale car prep.

Plus, unlike your automated neighbourhood car wash, we clean interiors from fabric roofing to mats and carpets, from dashboards to car seats. We’ll even clean your ashtrays and vents. The best part? We offer more convenience than your local car wash, even if it’s five minutes away. How? Instead of taking your car to the wash, we bring the car wash to you. Also, we’ll do it anywhere, from your country home to your local grocery store. As long as there’s a parking spot for the van, we’ll come over, so give us a call now.

To give your car the detailing she deserves, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.