It’s hard to say goodbye to your old faithful car that has taken you to many places, reliably commuted you to work back and forth on a daily basis and has taken you to destinations that have created lifelong memories.

And when it comes time to selling your faithful old car that has become part of the family, of course, you’re are going to want to get the best price. There a few things that need to be addressed when selling your vehicle, so you can get the best bang for your buck. In this post, we will go through a bit of checklist that you check off as you go so you know that your car is ready for sale.


Mechanically Sound

When your car is up for sale you want it to be mechanically sound. You will need to get a roadworthy certificate which involves taking it to a mechanic that is licenced to perform road worthies. Be warned they will inspect your car with a fine-tooth comb, making sure everything from the indicators to the seat belts are in working in order to ensure that your car is safe for use on the road.

If your car has some minor defects that are in need of repair that you have been putting off due to lack of time, now is the time to do it. If they are minor mechanical problems, you may be able to do them yourself and cut back on costs

A smoothly running vehicle will obviously sell easily. So if your car has a few squeaks clunks or starting issues sort them out before you put it on the market so that when potential buyers arrive the engine turns over the first try and purrs like a kitten.


Detail Detail Detail

Get your car detailed. This where we at Car Care excel. We have an extensive pre-sale detailing service that will get your car ready for sale and looking like new. At Car Care, we realise that a picture says a thousand words and the way your car presents plays a major role when it comes time to selling. Your car may run perfectly and be mechanically A1, but if it doesn’t look the part potential buyers will be immediately turned off or it will give them ammunition to low ball you on the price.

Our presale detail will ensure that your car will be looking immaculate at the time of sale. We go through and clean everything inside and outside to ensure that even the most pedantic potential buyer will find it impossible to find any dirt or grime. We take pride in what we do and we do it well and our presale detail will have your car looking it’s best when it comes time to sell. So jump on our webpage and have a look at the list of cleaning procedures that we perform on your much-loved vehicles so you can get the best resale price.