If you drive an Uber, you’ve no doubt had some reservations about working during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with less tourism and people staying at home, you need to maximise any earning opportunities you get.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to maintain your car COVID-safe. Here are some tips for keeping yourself and your passengers safe during these uncertain times.


Open your windows

Proper ventilation is essential for air quality and for the removal of airborne viruses and micro-organisms. So, even without the threat of Covid-19, there are plenty of other germs and viruses that travel through the air.

It also helps keep your car smelling fresh, which is vital for any passenger vehicle. So, if you’ve got some downtime, crack those windows and let a bit of fresh air in.


Wash your hands regularly

While you don’t have any direct contact with your passengers, it’s important to wash your hands regularly. If you can’t stop for a bathroom, at least carry some sanitiser with you or wet wipes. There may be occasions where you open doors for customers, adjust seats or touch other areas of the car that passengers also have their hands on. Washing your hands keeps you and your passengers safe.


Start fresh with an interior car detail

If the inside of your car hasn’t had a really good clean-out in a while, why not consider starting fresh with proper interior detail. It’s a small investment, but it’s great to have everything ultra-clean so you can keep it that way. Despite your best efforts, it isn’t easy to clean the same way a car detailer does. Once it’s done, though, it’s much easier to keep everything clean and safe yourself with regular cleaning.


Wipe down surfaces

There are many thoughts regarding how long the COVID-19 coronavirus can survive on surfaces. While the amount of time differs depending on who you listen to, the facts are that it DOES survive on surfaces. That means as an Uber driver, you’ve got a responsibility to keep surfaces clean.

Think about everything a passenger touches, such as the door handle, armrests, seatbelt and other interior surfaces. Take some time to wipe down common surfaces between trips where possible.


Keep some cleaning supplies in your car

Most Uber drivers already carry some cleaning supplies in their car, but if you don’t, now is the time. You only need a bag or container in the back of your vehicle, and it doesn’t need to take up much space. Items to include might be automotive wipes, glass cleaner and most importantly, disinfectant wipes. This will allow you to pull over, give your car a quick once-over, and get back on the road quickly.


Follow Uber and Government health guidelines

Finally, you can find plenty of support from Uber who have set up a dedicated hub on their website for helping drivers and passengers stay safe. You’ll also want to keep up to date with local Government guidelines to ensure you’re following all the rules. When you use Car Care for your car detailing needs, you’ll instantly see how simple the experience can be. Visit us online or call us on 1300 227 227 to learn more about the mobile detailing services we offer and to book an appointment with one of our specialists today. Stay safe out there!


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