Anyone can clean a car but it takes an eye for all the small things to detail a car (I guess thats why it is called car detailing!). At Car Care this is our ethos and makes all the difference in the final visual outcome.

The things that count in getting that final WOW finish are getting to the edges of the particular part of the car that is being detailed, making sure the windows aren’t smeary and or streaky, no brake dust left on rims. All these and more are extremely important as these are the things that your eye picks up and makes the difference between a good looking car and a great looking car.

Now there is no doubt that having the right tools with you makes all the difference to being able to achieve the results you want, but the tools with no know how will get you no where fast. Now at Car Care we have all the right tools and this allows us to get great results in quick time, so if your time is important to you then its best you contact us direct and we can do the work for you. However there are things you can do at home, firstly a quality chamios will go a long way, specific glass cleaning microfibre cloths, general purpose microfibre cloths, a quality wash n wax product with a wash mitt (my preference) and or a sponge, should you think your paintwork requires it a quality polish and a polishing microfibre cloth and depending on your tastes some interior gloss (not too glossy more of a satin type is my preference) and some product to blacken your tyres, this comes in various forms and personally I prefer to put this on first. I then blast with the pressure cleaner and this takes off all the excess, if you put it on last and then drive away and not enough time has elapsed it tends to flick up on the car and then the dirt and dust will stick to it spoiling the look of your car in no time.

With these products and some time you can achieve some great results, some tips though; always use clean cloths this is especially true for the windows and the most common occurence for streaky windows (all quality microfibres cloths and chamios can be put thru the washing machine as long as you aren’t using softener), if you take a dog in the car and their saliva gets on the window tint get it off at your first opportunuty as this will damage window tint in no time the same goes for leather and some plastics, never use your chamios on the wheels use an old cloth or old microfibre if you have one, once you have parked the car check around for drips and also the rims again, if you are polishing be careful not to use too much especially around badges etc this makes a big difference, remember to wipe out around door trims many people forget this part and it is the first thing you see when you open the door. For further tips on removing specific types of contaminents see the “after Care guide that has been posted” and remember when in comes to car detailing it is “the one percenters”.