If you drive regularly, car washing is a standard part of your work week. Maybe you drive to the automated car wash once a week, or maybe you wash the car during your lunch break. If you have tweens or teens, chances are you farm out this chore to them. But there’s a difference between ordinary car washes and professional detailers. Visiting the latter extends your car’s life span.

The difference begins with the basics. Automated car washes – for example – rarely wash the inside of your car. So while the outside may be spotless, your interiors stay messy.

Scent of perfection
That’s one of the characteristics that makes Car Care the ultimate car detailers. We have the latest patented deodoriser, The Purifier. It uses ozone saturation to get rid of the most stubborn smells, including pet residues and all sorts of accidents that may have occurred. The Purifier can even cleanse a long-term smoker’s car, getting rid of the stale tar scent.

Another advantage of The Purifier is it gets rid of mould and lichen. It does this by smothering allergens, micro-organisms, and other contaminants. It reaches those hidden spaces under the seats and between your upholstered fibres, where you may not be able to reach.

Cleaned at your convenience
If you’re trying to impress your spouse with a gift, we recommend a mobile car detailing gift voucher. We have you covered, because you don’t have to bring the car to us. We’ll come to you instead! Our car detailing service is fully mobile, so we drive to wherever you are.

We have franchises all over Australia and some parts of New Zealand. Our detailing van comes with its own power source, water tank, and cleaning tools. We use specially formulated detergents that are environmentally friendly and won’t damage your paint work. We use pressure hoses to rinse, and we dry the car by hand (using chamois cloth).

Polished to perfection
We also have value-added services like defogging your lights, buffing, paint correction or a hand or machine polish. Don’t forget our special packages, like our pre-sale clean. This restores your car to its best possible condition, fetching you a far better price.

You can order an interior wash, which includes your carpets, windows, boot, roof lining, ash trays, and door rubbers. We’ll vacuum, shampoo, rinse, and dry the entire interior. Other options include a full detail, where we clean the inside and outside of your car, including tyres, mud flaps, and plastics. We clean your car upholstery by type – whether it’s leather or fabric.

To order the ultimate detailing service for your car or your loved one’s vehicle, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.

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