Having your car during a summer holiday gives you immense flexibility. You can save lots of time and money along the way. Your car gives you the freedom to alter your itinerary or stop to see the sights anytime you like. To avoid unnecessary downtime or disruptions to your plans, ensure your car is in good condition before the trip. This article outlines five ways to prepare your car for your summer holiday.  

1.      Engine oil change/ service

The most common service your car needs is the engine oil change. The engine oil lubricates your engine and helps in cooling. The duration between engine oil changes depends on the age of your car and the type of lubrication fluid you use. Yet, it is advisable to change the engine oil and its filters when planning a road trip – this gives you the freedom to cover long distances without worrying about your engine overheating.   

2.      Tyre pressure, balance and alignment

It is easy to overlook servicing your tyres when you are covering short distances within the city. You might not notice the slight pull your car has on the way to work. Yet, minor misalignments are amplified on long-distance summer trips. Servicing your tyres entails balancing the air pressure, checking for punctures and aligning the wheels. Misaligned wheels lead to uneven wear of your tyres and increase your fuel consumption; ensure to check the condition of your spare tyre and replacement tools as well.

3.      Fill your tank and reservoirs

Before embarking on your summer holiday, ensure you fill your fuel tank. A full tank gives you peace of mind and enables you to cover longer distances at a time. It is also easier to track your spending and fuel economy during the trip. You should also check and top up all your fluid reservoirs. Your oil reservoirs include your brake, power steering, clutch, coolant and transmission fluids. Don’t forget to refill your windshield cleaner solution, as well as the smaller reservoirs, as these tend to get overlooked when you are busy having fun – topping up your cylinders before your trip prevents any related and unnecessary incidents during your holiday.

4.      Run the AC system

A summer trip with a faulty air conditioning system can be uncomfortable so it is advisable to test the AC system before your trip. If you notice any cooling challenges, take it for inspection. You should also clean out the filters to enhance the air quality.

5.      Get a full detail

Once you are done oiling and greasing your car at the garage, make sure you book in for a full detailing service. You spend a lot of time in your car during a road trip but a full detailing service ensures your friends and family are comfortable in the car. Comprehensive interior detailing leaves your car looking, feeling and smelling brand new. The exterior detailing restores the ‘good as new’ look of your car. Whether you are driving a seasoned classic or iconic sports car, a full detailing service will make it stand out. To sum up, if you are going on summer holiday, your car should look and feel amazing. Long trips can strain a vehicle that is accustomed to covering short distances in controlled environments, so preparing your car for a summer trip is vital to its overall performance. Unplanned failures are costly and can interfere with your budget and itinerary. Book your detailing service with Car Care today. Read Also: