No matter what kind of guy your dad is, if he has a car, then he will appreciate a professional car cleaning. There’s something about having someone else wash your car that makes you feel like a VIP. That’s why when you were a kid, he always made you clean it, even when you deliberately did a lousy job. It’s also why he keeps driving to that car wash, even after they stole his favourite bobblehead right off the dash. He inspects his car more thoroughly now, to make sure there’s nothing in it that he wants to lose. So this year, instead of doing the deed yourself, why not give us a call?

He doesn’t have to drive

He won’t have to leave the house – at least not to clean the car. He can laze around the yard, and we’ll come to him. You could even surprise him at work or the club. Just tell us where his car is parked and by the time he comes out, his car will be so clean and sparkly that he may need help finding it because he won’t know it’s his car.

We’ll do it right

Washing a car isn’t just about bubble bath sponges and unfocused hoses. There’s a systematic science to it, and our people are thoroughly trained in every aspect. For example, drive-through car washes will usually just clean the outside of the car, but if you order our full detail or one of our interiors packages, we’ll wash everything from the roof to the carpet and even the undercarriage and engine surface. We also do comprehensive deodorising that can finally dispel smells that have plagued dad’s car for weeks. (The secret is ozone saturation.) Your only problem is now mum will want detailing too, probably while she’s at the salon getting her glo-up, so be prepared …

We bring the power

Also, the water. When you order a car detailing from us, we come with our own water and electricity supply, whether your dad (and his car) live in Geraldton or Launceston. We don’t even want to plug anything into your outlets. We’re thorough, self-contained, and friendly too, so if dad wants to have a chat while we work, we’ll happily accommodate him.

So, if you’re feeling guilty about not visiting dad this Father’s Day, send us over for conversation and clean car. It won’t make up for your absence, but it’s a start.

To order our mobile detailing a car services car this Father’s Day, or any other day, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.


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