There is a right way to wash and wax a car. Moreover, we know, because we’ve been doing it over 40 years.

What makes us different from other mobile car detailing in Perth? For one thing, range. We have franchises all over Australia and parts of New Zealand, and we take these partnerships very seriously, so you’ll get a consistent service whether you’re having your car detailed in Auckland or Lake Macquarie. Two, we’re a mobile detailing outfit, so you don’t come to us – we come to you, no matter where you are. If you get a breakdown in the middle of the Outback and want your car cleaned while you wait for the tow truck, we’ll come driving.

Customised car wash categories

We offer many car wash and detailing packages, and we can talk you through them if you’re not quite sure what works for you. For example, if you’re looking to spend less than $200, you could try our custom detail and polish. It focuses on the outside of the car, but we do tease the interiors with a little fluffing and pampering. Like all our detailing jobs, we bring our own water and power source, so that’s no additional bill on your part.

On the outside of your car – including wheels – we’ll do a high-pressure wash and rinse using our own tools and products. We prefer specialised detergents that won’t damage your car. Also, even though we’re using our own water, we stay strictly within Aussie water restriction regulation standards. After the wash and rinse, we dry the car by hand using chamois. This gets rid of watermarks and prepares the car for polishing.

From the outside in

Next, we do a full exterior polish, being careful not to grind any dirt into the body or cause additional scratches. (This happens a lot at automated drive-through carwashes). Apart from the body, we will treat your tyres and mud flaps, gloss your rubbers and plastics, and shine your chrome caps. We do windows too, both inside and outside the car. As for interiors, we will vacuum your boot, your seats, and your carpet. We’ll also empty the ashtray.

Just FYI, if your car has any weird smells, we recommend the Purifier. It’s not part of the custom wash and polish package, but it saturates your vehicle with ozone, getting into every crack and crevice and destroying any smells, allergens, and germs. We’ve successfully used it in smokers’ cars and vehicles soiled with baby vomit, pet smells, urine and more. Plus, because the odour is particulate, it can destroy old smells too by ‘suffocating’ and be eliminating the tiny unseen particles causing the smell.  Try it and see.

To order our custom car detail and polish, and to see what other services we offer, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.


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