Even if you try to keep your car neat and tidy, it’s probably been quite a while since you’ve deep cleaned it. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance that you could have harmful bacteria hiding inside your car — which could be making you sick.

If you haven’t had your vehicle thoroughly cleaned recently, it’s time to take your car for professional sanitisation. At Car Care, we offer bacteria and odour removal services to make sure your car looks good, smells good, and is free from harmful viruses and allergens.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s included with our professional sanitisation services and find out how to book yours today.


Why you should get your car sanitised

You might not realise it, but your car is full of germs that could be harming your health. In fact, your steering wheel has 12 times as many germs as your toilet seat. Since you use your car to travel in between many places, you’re potentially bringing in germs from home, work, shops, and anywhere else you visit.


There’s a wide range of unhealthy things that could be present in your car, such as:


  • Viruses that can cause colds and coughs
  • Bacteria, including staphylococcus, E.Coli, and salmonella
  • Allergens that can cause asthma attacks
  • Pet dander
  • Dead skin cells


When you wash your car at your house or at a self-service car wash, you’re focused on surface-level aesthetics. You’re probably more focused on cleaning the dirt and grime from the outside of your vehicle rather than fully sanitising the interior.

Even if you’re doing a good job of cleaning the inside of your car, you likely don’t have the right tools at home to do a fully hygienic clean. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional sanitisation company.

In addition to dirt and germs, you might also be dealing with stubborn smells that won’t go away. Whether it’s smoke, pet odours, vomit, or urine, it’s often impossible to remove these types of scents without professional help.


How professional sanitisation works

At Car Care, we use a fresh air ozone machine called the Purifier to eliminate unpleasant smells, bacteria, allergens, and more. Rather than spraying a chemical that only lasts for a few hours, we harness the protective power of the ozone to give your car a serious deep clean.

Sanitisation is an important part of Car Care’s mobile auto detailing service, which brings car detailing to you. Whether you’re at home or at work, we’ll meet you at a convenient time and bring everything necessary to give your car a deep clean (including water and power).

As Australia’s largest mobile car detailing network, we offer several customised services, including sanitisation, odour removal, full detail, and headlight restoration. With Car Care, you can choose a package to create a cleaning package that fits your individual needs.

If you’d like to find out more about Car Care or book an appointment with a local detailer, get in through our website or by calling us on 1300 227 227.


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