Buffing Course

Car Care, in our determination to provide ongoing training and support for our Franchisees identified an opportunity to increase the skill level of all Franchisees by arranging for a National Buffing Course.

The skill level identified was to have the ability to return or maintain a car in as near-new condition as possible. The challenge was to find someone who not only had the knowledge but also who was able to train others and at the same time, have credibility.

We certainly found that in Peter Murphy, who has not only worked for some very big names like McLaren, Porsche, Rolls Royce over many years, but has also been retained by some of the world’s most fanatical car enthusiasts to look after their cars.

After testing the program in NSW, we rolled it out across all states. The feedback has been fantastic with various comments from “best thing we have ever done” to “awesome”.

The major benefit seems to have been the confidence it has given the Franchisees to tackle dark cars. More than one Franchise Owner has said that they had subsequently taken on jobs that they would have otherwise just walked away from.