The average commercial car wash service focuses on the outside of the vehicle. Even if you assign car cleaning duty to your teenagers, they’ll put more effort into cleaning your exteriors than the inner sections of the car. An extra step most people ignore as they may not have the time to sit around is drying. If you don’t get rid of every trace of moisture, you risk acquiring a damp smell and mould problems, which is even harder to get rid of.

This is where interior detailing comes to the rescue. At Car Care we have a proven method for getting rid of mould and nasty smells. We call it The Purifier, it uses Ozone saturation to eliminate the most stubborn scents, from smokers, the kids snack crumbs and muddy shoes to pet mess.

Getting between the cracks

You might know scent is particulate. Meaning the reason you can’t get rid of the smell is that tiny, microscopic bits of smelly dirt is still lodged in the car. So to completely get rid of the scent, you have to check the frequently forgotten spaces, this includes the areas under the carpets, between the window frames, behind the door jambs, inside the ashtray, or even the cracks in your ‘car ceiling’. 

For this reason, when you order interior cleaning packages from Car Care, we make sure to clean every bit of plastic, rubber, fabric, or fibre in your car. We pay special attention to your roof lining, because nobody ever looks up there, yet it gets a surprising number of stealth stains. It could even be a streak of sunscreen from last beach adventure.

Focus on the front

Drivers regularly dust their dashboards, because you’re looking at it regularly, so you can see the accumulated dust. But you don’t realise your steering wheel, and control knobs have just as many germs. You’re always touching them with unwashed hands, and studies have shown the average steering wheel is far dirtier than a toilet seat. These germs stretch to your indicators, hand brake, and even your windows.

One thing we’re sure you neglect to clean is your headlights. You rarely notice they’ve fogged up except when you’re getting into the car, ready to rush off somewhere. Or maybe you’ve just parked the car and are headed indoors. Fortunately, if you order one of our customised services, we can pay special attention to those frequently neglected areas.

These services include defogging (for your headlights), paint correction for minor scratches, paint protection before a long country drive, exterior washing for tyres and mud flaps, and of course our patented deodoriser for that seemingly impossible car smell. To ensure every part of your car is spotless without having to get off your sofa, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.

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