There is a significant difference between washing and detailing your car. If a car wash can be compared to taking a shower, a full car detail would be like spending a day at the spa. A car detail is a professional job done by hand rather than an automated car wash.

Your car gets special treatment as the detailers go through every nook and cranny of your vehicle. Whether you choose exterior, interior detailing or both, your vehicle will come out looking and smelling as good as new. It will be waxed, polished, vacuumed, steamed, and trimmed to achieve a spotless finish. Detailing your car should be a regular activity and here are a few reasons why.

1.     Protects Your Paint Job

When your car is detailed a clear protective layer of wax or sealant is applied on the exterior. This protects your paint job from the degrading power of the sun, snow, salty air and other debris. Toxic fumes from other cars on the road can also reduce the lustre of your car.

Waxing also brings your paint job to life. It gives your car a shiny new appearance and makes the paint look cleaner and brighter. Depending on your environment, it is recommended to wax your car every three to six months to maintain its protective layer.

2.     Reduces Maintenance Costs

Several maintenance issues may be attributed to the accumulation of dirt and debris in the moving parts of your car. The first level of vehicle maintenance is keeping it clean. This makes it easy to spot any weak points and adjust them before they become real problems. If you often go off-road or drive through muddy water, you should get your car detailed frequently.

Muddy water can dry up to form layers of stubborn mud in hidden parts of your car such as the door joints and inside your headlights. Regular car washes often miss these parts, and long term accumulation of dirt can compromise the performance of your car. A regular car detailing service can ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

3.     It Improves Your Image

A clean car speaks volumes about the owner. It makes you seem more responsible and organised. Apart from impressing others, an attractive car can give you an added sense of value and inner fulfilment. A regularly detailed car is also a joy to drive. It feels brand new all year round whether you are driving in summer or winter. Also, your air conditioning system will be fresh and dust-free.

4.     Increases Resale Value

A regularly detailed car always looks as good as new. You will not need to push hard to promote its value. The glossy paint job, clear glass windows and pristine interior will speak for itself. If you don’t detail your car regularly, you may need to spend quite a bit of money to prepare it for sale. On the other hand, frequently detailed vehicles are always ready for sale.

5.     Saves Money

Detailing your car regularly reduces the need to repaint it or replace worn out parts such as the seat covers. Interior detailers treat the seats and dashboard with protective polish to make them last longer. They also vacuum the rugs and fabrics to clean out all the dust. Dust fosters microorganisms that can cause the fabric to deteriorate faster.

Detailing your car has become a lot easier in Australia with the success of mobile car detailers. You don’t need to drive to the detailers or wait in queues anymore. The mobile detailers can bring their services to your doorstep.

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