When you wash your car at home, you pay more attention to the outer surfaces. This makes sense because those surfaces are visibly dirty. So, when your bonnet or windows accumulate a layer of dust and dirt, you know it’s time to take your car to the detailer. However, the worst forms of dirt are things you can’t even see, and they’re all hiding inside your car.

According to multiple studies, the typical car interior has nearly 300 kinds of germs on every square inch. An Ashton University study found 700 types of bacteria on steering wheels, making them dirtier than a toilet seat (which only has 60 types of bacteria). Similarly, Birmingham University found children’s car seats with 100 bacteria for every square centimetre, while toilet seats have between 10 and 50 bacteria on a square centimetre.

Not where you expect it
We often assume the dashboard is the dirtiest part of the car because we’re always fiddling with it. In reality, steering wheels hide the most dirt, while car volume dials are far cleaner.

But what are the exact types of dirt will you come across inside the car?

• Bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and propionibacteria
• Viruses that cause respiratory infections like coughs and colds
• Dead skin cells from you and your passengers
• Pet dander from your furry and/or feathered family members
• Allergens that can trigger flare-ups and asthma attacks
• Mould that grows when the car stays damp for a while

As you can see, you’ve been worrying about the wrong things. You wanted to clean your car because you spilt something in it. But even after what you may think is a ‘deep clean’, there’s still a lot of unseen dirt in your vehicle. That’s where we come in. Here at Car Care, we thoroughly detail your car. Depending on the package you order, we’ll get rid of the visible dirt on the outside, as well as the invisible germs on the inside. Interiors are especially susceptible to particulate dirt.

Stubborn car smells
These particulates are tiny microscopic bits of dirt. They’re so small that they can get in-between fabric fibres and hide in car crevices. They sometimes come from hidden crumbs, bits of food, and other materials that got stuck in unreachable parts of the car, like between the seats or under the carpet. It’s why the car continues to smell, even after scrubbing and perfuming.

Car Care uses a special patented technology called The Purifier. We use it to saturate your car with Ozone, and it will get rid of the toughest contaminants – smoker’s smells, pet scents, even the after-effects of a wild weekend. We’ll wash off the visible dirt, and then, if you request deodorisation, we’ll use the Purifier. It gets into all those hidden spaces, suffocates viruses and bacteria, and smothers any living allergens, leaving your car truly spotless.

To get rid of all the germs in your car, seen or unseen, call Car Care today on 1300 227 227.


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