Whether you’re preparing to sell your car or just looking to get it cleaned up, a mobile car detailing service can be a very beneficial investment for several different reasons. Specifically, mobile car detailing companies are convenient because they bring everything to you, so you can go about your daily life while your car gets cleaned at a location that’s convenient for you.

However, before you choose a mobile car detailing service, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. In this post, we’ll outline three of the top criteria that your mobile car detailer should meet in order to earn your business.

Are they flexible with hours and location?

This is the main advantage of a mobile car detailing service over a traditional car wash. Life can get incredibly busy, so the last thing that you need to spend time on is bringing your vehicle to a car wash and waiting in a long queue as it’s cleaned.

Instead, look for a mobile car detailer who brings everything to you, whether you’re at home, work or anywhere else. The best-in-class providers will bring all of the essential items needed to get the job done, including tools, water and power.

Do they offer a wide range of services?

Getting your car professionally detailed is an investment of time and money, so you should rest assured knowing that your vehicle is being properly cleaned. Before booking with a mobile car detailing company, ask about their complete range of services.

The top vendors will have a long list of available services, including custom detailing, indoor detailing, paint protection, odour removal, pre-sale detail, headlight restoration and more. Work with your chosen provider to create a custom package that suits your needs.

Do they have professional training?

Your car is one of your most critical investments, and professional car detailers will recognise this. Before booking a mobile car detailing service, make sure that your detailer has the proper professional training and insurance to deal with any matters that may arise.

At Car Care, all of our franchised detailers maintain up-to-date professional training to make sure your vehicle ends up looking it’s best. We hold our employees to high standards in order to please our customers, which is why we emphasise the training and certification of our dealers.

If it’s time to take your car in for detailing, consider the alternative option of having your detailer come to you. At Car Care, we have more than 30 years of experience in mobile car detailing, and we detail more than 100,000 cars per year across Australia and overseas.

When you use Car Care for your car detailing needs, you’ll instantly see how simple the experience can be. Stop wasting time sitting at the car wash and let us come to you instead. Visit us online or call us on 1300 227 227 to learn more about the mobile detailing services we offer and to book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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