The phrases ‘car detailing’ and ‘car wash‘ have been used interchangeably; nevertheless, there are notable differences between car detailing and car wash. The most significant difference between the two is one offers a quick clean of your car’s exterior as opposed to a detailed cleaning done by qualified car detailing professionals who are competent and knowledgeable in cleaning and detailing your vehicle.

The two services even though used interchangeably, are worlds apart primarily in what the two ultimately deliver. Typically, a car wash is merely a bit of soap and water to get the dirt off your vehicle’s exterior. On the other hand, car detailing offers much more attention to detail and inclusions will typically include an exterior wash service, polish, vacuum and detailed cleaning of your car’s interior.

Depending on your needs, you can decide on which service is best for you. Always keeping in mind that if you want your car to look as good as new, you will need to opt for a car detailing service. Here are four advantages and disadvantages you should consider when deciding on whether to get a car detailing or car wash service.


1 Washing – a slice of detailing.

Detailing involves more work than just a mere wash. A full detail service will cover both the exterior and interior of the vehicle without missing an inch. With a car wash, your vehicle will only be clean on the surface. Car detailing is more than skin deep and will look as if it just came out of the car dealership.


2 Detailing – more experience.

It is easy to get some shampoo and wash a car, but it is not that easy to detail it. Attention to technique and skills requires a vast amount of devotion and care when it comes to detailing. Experience and products used will play a role as well. Assessing factors such as the age of the vehicle, detailing time, type of dirt involved and clients budget needed before commencing requires professionals and only those experienced in the trade can give you reliable advice on these aspects.


3 Detailing – more care.

It is common knowledge that your vehicle is an investment, so it is highly advisable to find a professional team who are all knowledgeable and practical. Go to specialists who will treat your vehicle with the utmost care and safety.


You get what you pay for

The cost of  car detailing will vary from just a car wash. But you know what, it is all worth it. A car detailing expert will clean your vehicle methodically without any mishaps. The results will last longer, and it will be worth every cent.


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