There are only three options when it comes to car detailing. You can take up car detailing as a DIY project and learn all the tricks and hacks to professionally detail your own vehicle, which is not as easy or cheap as it may sound. On the other hand, you can take your vehicle to the car detailing station and have your vehicle detailed. Mobile auto detailing is the final and most convenient solution to car detailing. It involves professional detailers coming to your car and delivering the services on site. It’s an innovative, efficient solution to car detailing. The service has gained a lot of popularity in Australia and here is why.

Saves you the time

Time is an irrecoverable resource that unfortunately goes to waste as you wait for a service to be rendered. Traditional car wash stations are notorious for keeping clients on long queues as each car is detailed. Car owners complain of waiting for hours just to get simple detailing on their cars. With mobile car detailing, there are no queues and no waiting time. Once you have ordered for the service and set the appointment, the detailers show up at your desired location and attended to your car. The time you would have spent driving to the car wash station and queueing, you can use it to get some work done or simply relax.

Saves money

Mobile auto detailing gives the best quality for money when it comes to car detailing. Since car wash stations run large facilities with a large workforce, the focus is more on output than the quality of service. On the other hand, mobile car detailers pay special attention to a vehicle and spend several hours detailing. Due to the higher quality of service, the results are much better. Since mobile car detailers save you the trip to a car wash, you also save on fuel and reduce opportunity costs.


Who would want to pass the opportunity to relax or catch up on work as their car is being detailed? Car detailing, whether you are doing it yourself or going to the car wash, requires time and patience. You have to dedicate a few hours to drive to the detailer and wait as your vehicle is attended to. This means foregoing your meetings, your family time or your alone time. However, mobile car detailing allows you to keep living your life as your vehicle is detailed. You only need to schedule a convenient appointment, give your location and the rest is left to the professional detailers. Moreover, you can schedule your appointments and enjoy discounts while keeping your car clean every day.

Custom services

As opposed to traditional car detailing, mobile auto detailing has more flexible packages. In a car wash station, you are limited to their listed packages. Mobile car detailing allows the client to choose and customise the detailing service according to their desire and needs.

The biggest concern is not why you need mobile car detailing, it’s why you haven’t used it

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