Hand wash at home or a professional detail?

What is the difference between a full detail offered by a mobile car detailing service and a car wash at home? While they sound pretty much the same, there is a big difference between going to a car wash for a quick clean, to having a professional mobile car detailer who has been trained in [...]

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Why queue, we come to you

Ask anyone in the world what annoys them most, and they’ll include some form of pointless waiting. They might cite traffic jams, slow drivers in the fast lane, or people who dawdle on pavements. Or they may list long lines at the airport, at the ATM, or at the automated car-wash. Even with the advent [...]

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The advantages of mobile car care

Everybody loves a clean car, but the process of getting it spotless used to be time-consuming. Yes, you might enjoy the excuse to play with water on a hot afternoon, but for the most part, car wash and detailing is a necessary chore. Car Care offers mobile car wash services that are professional and affordable. [...]

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Selling Your Car in Adelaide?

When it comes time to say goodbye to your old faithful car and put it on the market there are few things you can do to make sure you get a price. Whether your trading in for a new car from a dealer or selling yourself privately you will need to make sure your car [...]

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Book Dad a Car Care service this Father’s Day

No matter what kind of guy your dad is, if he has a car, then he will appreciate a professional car cleaning. There’s something about having someone else wash your car that makes you feel like a VIP. That’s why when you were a kid, he always made you clean it, even when you deliberately [...]

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Our Custom Car Detail & Car Polish

There is a right way to wash and wax a car. Moreover, we know, because we’ve been doing it over 40 years. What makes us different from other mobile car detailing in Perth? For one thing, range. We have franchises all over Australia and parts of New Zealand, and we take these partnerships very seriously, [...]

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Why we are Adelaide’s Favourite Mobile Car Detailer

People spend a lot of time driving in and around Adelaide, driving kids to school, running errands, getting to work. For some a car can be like a second home, and, if you are in business are you washing your car to maintain a good impression? This is why we are the favourite car detailer [...]

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Why Mobile Car Detailing Is Such an Easy Choice

We’d all like to make our lives easier. Imagine if you had a full-time nanny to help out with the kids. A full-time personal driver who could drop us off and pick us up from the pub whenever we wanted – without the annoying small talk of an Uber driver. How about a miracle machine [...]

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Why you should get your Dad a mobile car wash for Father’s Day

Dads don’t get a lot of credit. They’re in charge of the boring, mundane chores like mowing the lawn, changing the light bulbs, and keeping the car clean. So while mum gets flowers, chocolate, and breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, dad gets a boring pair of socks. Unfortunately, your dad probably wouldn’t appreciate flowers [...]

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Welcome Roger Lee – Car Care South Perth WA

I was attracted to Car Care because my passion is to detail my own car and those of my family and friends. I chose Car Care because of this passion but also because of the flexibility it gives me. I can work as hard as I want, but more importantly, if I need to take [...]

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Welcome Andy Chen – Car Care Lesmurdie WA

I chose Car Care because I have always liked detailing my own car, that along with the flexibility to run my own business. Car Care has been around a long time and has a good reputation. I love Lesmurdie and the natural beauty in the area. I try to capture this all with my interest [...]

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Welcome Matt & Janine Smith – Car Care Bull Creek WA

Matt & Janine chose Car Care for the flexibility when owning your own business and for his love for cars. Matt has a long history in the hospitality industry before moving into sales and self-employment. Janine was a long term public servant and is now running a family business. Together they understand the importance of [...]

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New owner for Car Care Lesmurdie WA

Car Care Lesmurdie has a new owner - Andy Chen - who works in Lesmurdie and surrounding suburbs of Forrestfield, Wattle Grove, Orange Grove, Carmel, Walliston and Pickering Brook. Welcome Andy to Car Care.

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New Owners of Car Care South Perth

A big welcome to Roger Lee and Ivy Lim who are the new owners of Car Care South Perth. While Roger will be operating the business on a "day to day" basis Ivy will be handling all the administration side of their Car Care Detailing business.

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Car Care Golden Grove SA has new Owner

Car Care Golden Grove in South Australia has a new owner - welcome Daniel O'Connell. Daniel's long history in the Car & Transport industry has given him the experience and commitment to succeed in Car Care. He understands the true value of customer satisfaction and is determined to grow his business based on "keeping my [...]

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