Did you ever wonder why most people give their car a name? Well, it’s because you spend so much time in it and it serves you and helps you out whether it’s from getting from A to B or a road trip with the family.  Your car becomes a part of the family and so deserves a name.

Your car does so much for you and requires a little tender loving care in return. Part of car ownership requires you to give it a service every so often to keep it in working order. It also requires some cosmetic maintenance to keep it looking in tip-top condition inside and out. There is nothing like getting in a freshly cleaned car and as the new car scent wafts into your nostrils, a smile washes over your face as you tap the steering wheel in appreciation of the loyal service of your car.

At Car Care, we know how important your beloved car is to you and your family. We also know in great detail of what it takes to keep it looking spic and span, and like new.

We have a range of services that are tailored to suit your car detailing needs whether it’s a simple clean or an intensive pre-sale detail all the way to a cut and polish that will have your car glistening in the sun. Having a clean car has never been so easy, and the best part about it is we come to you. There is no need to take time out your busy schedule to drop the car off for a detail and then having to get a lift to pick it up. Our team of professionals will come directly to your door and give your car a custom detail and polish in Adelaide and around Australia.

What is involved in a custom car detail and polish you make ask? Well here is the low down.

We clean the interior and exterior. For the interior, we give it an intensive clean, from top to bottom and bring back that new car look and smell.

For the exterior, we go the whole hog and start with a high-pressure spray to remove the excess dirt. Then we put some elbow grease in and wipe it down with a detergent. After that’s it’s a matter of drying it off with a chamois and after that is where the real magic happens. It’s time for the polish. You would be surprised how good the paint job comes up after one of our professionals meticulously goes to work and polishes your car until you can see your face in it. Then it’s onto the wheels. We polish up your mags so they sparkle in the sun.

Our custom car detail and polish service is a top to bottom clean that will have your car looking and smelling like new. So browse our website and decide on the service you require and one of our Care Car service professionals will be at your door as soon as possible to give your baby the tender loving care it deserves.