We’d all like to make our lives easier. Imagine if you had a full-time nanny to help out with the kids. A full-time personal driver who could drop us off and pick us up from the pub whenever we wanted – without the annoying small talk of an Uber driver. How about a miracle machine that had the same effects on our body as going to the gym every day?

Well, thankfully, there are some things that are easy to effect in real life, and without huge price tags too. These are things like choosing mobile car detailing. You know car detailing, right? That’s about keeping your car in tip-top condition – clean and well maintained on the outside, and the interior. By keeping your car in good condition, you’re able to not only feel great while driving it around but also command a higher price when it comes to selling it.

So! Traditionally, if you were going to get your car detailed, you’d drop it off at the centre sometime in the morning, and go and pick it up later on in the day, maybe after work. Except how inconvenient is that? You have to drop your car somewhere – somewhere that’s probably not close to work or wherever you need to be – then get to wherever you need to be (without a car which makes it super tricky), and then get back to the detailing centre at the end of the day again without a car! So silly. And difficult to achieve unless your partner or a friend help by picking you off and dropping you back there, which takes time out of their day, or you have really good public transport in the area. No.

So, the car wash and detailing centres came along. You pop in for an hour or so and have a coffee at their café, maybe do some work on your laptop from the centre, while a team of people detail your car. Sure, it takes a lot less time out of your day, and it’s less inconvenient than the traditional service, but you still actually have to get to the place, and you’ve always actually got to wait around while they detail your car. Forget it.

Of course, now, you have services like ours, Car Care, which offers mobile car detailing and washing to make your life a heck of a lot easier – at least when it comes to detailing your car. We offer car detailing that comes to your work or home – wherever you are. The only thing you’ll need to do is open your car if we’re doing interior detailing, and then check over your car at the end. Too easy! Call us to arrange your mobile detailing.