Have you ever observed a football game or watched an athletic championship and thought you could do the same thing? After all, if you’re being chased by a rabid dog, anyone can break a sprinting world record. And how hard can it be to throw a ball around and earn millions of dollars doing something we all did as kids?

Now, bring this idea down to a micro level. Anyone can wash a car. You soap it; you rinse it, you polish it. Easy! Except it’s not that easy. For one thing, how long does it take you to wash your car? 30 minutes? An hour? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time sipping a beer and enjoying the sunshine while someone else does the dirty work for you?

Maybe you hand out this chore to your kids and let them do the cleaning while you supervise. Quick question. How much soap and water ends up on the car and how much remains on your kids?  And, what do you think they do with the clothes they might drop on the ground….yep…they are picked up and used on your shiny car.

Between the prolonged washing and prancing for their friends, your kids probably waste a lot of water and power when they wash the car. And since they’re not particularly good with details, there are many sections of the car that won’t actually get clean.  So, let’s be clear, you are essentially paying your children to damage your car.

Car Care’s team of expert car detailers have been washing cars for a long time, and we are proficient at getting your car to a sparkle within minimal periods. We will come to wherever you are, so you don’t have to drive to us. Just give us a call then sit back and let us do the deed.

When we detail a car, we cover every inch of the car. We’ll even clean the wheels and the undercarriage if you order a full detail. And when we’re done the washing, we’ll wax and polish your vehicle to a sheen. If you’d like something even more thorough than the full detail (or if you’re trying to impress visiting in-laws), you could try our pre-sale service, which leaves your car looking brand new.

Out interior cleaning services are equally comprehensive. We will get into every hidden compartment in your car. carpets, mats, dashboards, the gaps between the seats, everything. We will get rid of any unpleasant smells and dry your car completely to avoid new smells from developing.

One of the things that differentiate home car washing from professional car detailing is equipment. We have high-pressure hoses, curved nozzles, waxing machines, and car vacuums that can reach corners that your hands and knees can’t access. Our machinery helps the cleaning go much faster while being more meticulous than the typical wash.

Whether you’d like your leather interiors done or you just want to get rid of that strange nagging smell, give Car Care a call today and book your appointment.

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