When it comes to getting your car detailed, you don’t want to leave it up to the amateurs. Entrusting someone who doesn’t have the right training and expertise for such an important task can have regrettable consequences. At best, your car may not have the clean, sleek look you were hoping a new car detailing job would attain, but at worst the safety of you and your passengers may be at stake. An inexperienced “auto detailer” can accidentally scratch and damage your car or even detach necessary inner wirings.


Why is it Important to Detail your Car?

Detailing your car preserves different surfaces of the car’s interior and exterior, like carpets, seats, wheels, cars paint, and glass.

During a detailed job, dirt is thoroughly removed, and protectant is added so that surfaces are not ruined by exposure to leaves, road tar, residue from birds and bugs, and scratches. Without removing the dirt, it can corrode the paint job on the car over time. Rust can form, and wheels can weaken.



Why Not Do it Yourself?

You may be thinking you can cut costs if you just do your car’s detailing by yourself. Or perhaps your buddy or neighbour has convinced you they can do just as good of a job. Here are some reasons not to take this route:


  • The Right Tools

As a business fully invested in the service, your car detailer will have the adequate equipment needed to get the job done instead of improvising with rags and buckets and things around the house.


  • An Unrushed Job

With all of the work involved, you or a friend may tend to rush the process, causing a severe lack of quality.


  • A Trusted Service

When you hire a professional to detail your car you can relax knowing that an established business with a credible reputation is handling it.


What it Takes to Become a Professional Car Detailer

This important task cannot be achieved by just anybody. Car detailing professionals have:


  • Training

They have spent time and money to learn precisely how to handle detailing issues. They may have also taken educational courses about specific techniques.


  • Experience

A proper technician should have at least five years of experience. To become certified, you need ten.


  • Knowledge

To receive a certificate from the IDA (International Detailing Association), a professional must complete ten written exams and a hands-on assessment to prove the depth of their knowledge and proficiency.


Professional Is Necessary

When a car detailer makes your car look next to new, they are also ensuring it stays cleaner for longer and is protected from the damages of dust over time. But they have to know how to perform these necessary treatments without overdoing it with harsh chemicals or too-deep scratches. Understanding how to accomplish this balance requires adequate knowledge, training, and experience that non-professionals just don’t have. They also don’t have a trusted business with insurance and proper tools to operate from. Therefore car detailing must be completed by a true professional.


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