Swissvax products are widely regarded as the top line of premium detailing and waxing products available anywhere worldwide. In fact, Swissvax is the product line recommended to consumers by luxury and vintage car manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz and Spyder.

Swissvax products can be used on any make or model, with several products in their catalogue produced specifically for the paint used by given manufacturers- and not just vintage or luxury car manufacturers either.

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Swissvax offers products natural ingredients to clean, restore and protect any glass, metal and painted surface, including steering wheels, upholstery, paint, rims and even engines. Swissvax products are the gold standard because they don’t simply clean and protect your car, they restore and preserve your car to “like new” status. The company’s paint protection wax, for example, lasts up to a year and a half per application, and their pre-treatment products are non-abrasive, which makes them not only well-suited for today’s cars with water-based paint, but also provide a smooth, residue-free surface for sealing in the results.

When you opt for a Swissvax service, you’re not only making your car look great- you’re helping protect it from deterioration and the elements. Performing one or occasional Swissvax treatments, preserves the resale value of your car and is a step towards getting the most value from your vehicle.

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Getting a Swissvax treatment is not expensive; Car Care Australia’s team makes this premium, mobile detailing service accessible through affordable packages, and our detailers bring the appropriate Swissvax products to your location to perform the treatment.

Swissvax requires additional training, which our very best detailers have taken in order to provide our Swissvax services.  When you opt for an external Swissvax treatment, our team first washes the car with Swissvax’s gentle car shampoo and paint rubber, in order to remove all debris from the car’s surface while preventing new or worsening existing scratches. The team then applies cleaner fluid to remove and cover up any rust, discoloured paint and/or fine scratches. At this point the car has been cosmetically restored to a supremely glossy, “like new” status. The team finishes by waxing the car with clear wax to provide a layer of protection to the newly restored surface. Our team can apply more than a single layer to maximise protection and the treatment’s longevity.

For treatments that include internal cleaning, our team will perform our customary internal detailing using Swissvax products. Our detailers will wipe down the dashboard and doors, gloss the steering wheel and cabin components, clean windows and windshields, and vacuum the entire interior, including the boot. We will also perform a complementary mat wash and spot clean the roof lining.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact your local Car Care mobile detailer.