Looking for a new car detailer to restore your vehicle’s shine? Shopping for car detailing services is no easy task. There are hundreds of providers in Australia, each one claiming they’re better than the next.

Fortunately, asking the right questions can help you narrow your list down to only the best professional car wash and detailing providers. So, what should you be looking for? Here are a few considerations to make when choosing a new car detailer:

Ask About Experience

Detailing a car is a science. Using the wrong cleaning product or application technique can leave your car looking worse off, and in some cases, may even cause irreversible damage. That’s why it’s important you work with only experienced and trained detailing professionals.

In particular, look into what type of training each company provides employees. The best-detailing services require staff to be trained on proper car care techniques. Additionally, check out the company’s reviews and recommendations; an experienced provider will have many satisfied customers.

Ask About Solutions for Your Car’s Issues

Do you want your car detailed to reverse a specific issue? Dried out leather interiors? Swirls or paint sun spots? Faded paint? Contact providers and see how they can help. Experienced car detailers will be honest about what’s possible, and may even be willing to provide you with before/after photos of similar tasks.

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Ask About the Equipment/Products They Use

One difference between amateur and professional detailers: Professionals are serious about the products and equipment they use. They have in-depth knowledge about each product, including application and removal, and have been trained on various types of equipment. A buff machine in the wrong hands is like giving a 3 year old a Permanent Marker. You would be amazed at what damage a chemical can do if not used at the correct dilution levels.

Ask If They Offer Mobile Detailing

Taking your vehicle in for a car wash is time intensive. Mobile detailing offers a solution. Mobile detailers bring their equipment to your home or place of works at a time that’s convenient for you. If you’re someone who just doesn’t have a lot of spare time, a provider that will come to you is the way to go.

Ask About Pricing

A professional car wash and detailing service is an investment into your vehicle. Inexperienced providers tend to offer bottom-dollar pricing, which makes using the cheapest you can find a gamble. The best providers offer a range of packages – from basic car washes to full top-to-bottom details – at reasonable prices.  Also be sure that the provider is upfront about price; you shouldn’t be hit with hidden fees.

What Types of Specialty Detail Packages Are Available

Are you looking for a specific service? For example, you might want a pre-sale detail, to help you earn top dollar when you sell your car. Do your leather interiors need attention? Experienced car detailers tailor their services to your specific needs, and offer packages that will help you transform your vehicle.

Looking for a car detailer in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne? Car Care offers mobile car wash and detailing services across Australia. Schedule a detail today – we’ll come to you.

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