For most drivers, it can be a challenge to determine which auto detailing service you need. What service will get your car looking sharp and deliver the best value?

Our Mini Detail and Polish service are ideal when the exterior of your car is in need of a makeover, but the interior is in relatively good shape. Here’s why: This service offers head-to-toe cleaning of the exterior. The vehicle is power cleaned, the paint is polished, and all accents and exterior surfaces are treated. Inside, though, the Mini Detail includes just a deep cleaning of the carpets.


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Simply put, the Mini Detail and Polish covers a lot of ground, and it’s the perfect option when you need to restore the exterior of your vehicle. Here are some key benefits of the Mini Detail and Polish:

Receive a High-Quality Polish

Most car care experts agree that you should polish the car’s paint every 3 to 6 months. A polish provides a number of benefits: Imperfections are removed, the paint is buffed and smoothed, and when finished, the paint is protected from the elements.

Polishing a car requires technical knowledge. In fact, you can damage the exterior if the proper techniques and products aren’t utilised. Therefore, by using a professional auto detailing service, you can rest assured that your car is in the hands of an expert.

An All-Encompassing Exterior Clean

Like the paint, your car’s exterior accents – i.e. mudflaps, bumpers and chrome – are exposed to a constant barrage of pollutants, dirt and acid rain. Often, these surfaces lose their shine faster than the paint. The Mini Detail and Polish service treat all these exterior accents. The vinyl surfaces and plastics, for example, are cleaned and glossed. The chrome is deep-cleaned and polished, helping to restore the shine. Finally, the tyres and rubber mudflaps are cleaned and glossed.


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Return the Shine to Your Wheels

Wheels attract dirt and brake dust, and over time, this grime can permanently stain your wheels. With the Mini Detail and Polish, the wheels are deep-cleaned with specialised products. This ensures the hard-to-remove brake dust and dirt is removed.

All Carpets Are Vacuumed

For most drivers, getting a vacuum out to your vehicle can be a pain. With the Mini Detail and Polish, the vehicle’s carpeted surfaces are vacuumed with all dirt and dust removed. This includes the carpeted floors, the mats, and the carpet in the boot.

Ensure Your Windows Are Crystal Clear

With this service, an auto detailer will clean all windows. Often, bugs and other grime are difficult to remove, but with the right products, including microfiber towels, these tough spots and stains typically come right off.

Schedule an auto detailing service with Car Care today. Our team of car cleaning experts will have your vehicle looking brand new in no time!

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