The condition of your car says a lot about you. Driving a dirty car may give people the impression that you are negligent while driving a clean vehicle communicates that you are careful, organised, and detail-oriented.

Polishing your car has several benefits over a regular wash. In Australia, the harsh climate accelerates the deterioration of your car’s paintwork. A regular polish protects your vehicle and maintains its appearance & water beading properties. This article elaborates on the following four benefits of regular professional car polishing.

  1. Rejuvenates your paintwork
  2. Eliminates scratches
  3. Eliminates surface contamination
  4. Provides extra protection from the elements

Ensure that you use professional car detailers when polishing your car. Without the relevant experience, a novice detailer can damage your paintwork.

car polish

i. Polish rejuvenates your paintwork

A professional polish restores the gloss of your paintwork. In Australia, the sun’s intensity causes car paintwork to fade and create a patchy appearance. However, polishing will “cut or compound” out the damaged sections of your paint and bring it back to a high-level glossy finish.

With the all the elements that your vehicles paintwork is exposed to, different panels will suffer more than others. For example the flat surfaces of your cars panels (bonnet, roof and boot) are more exposed to the sun and will therefore oxidise quicker in most instances than the side panels. Conversely the lower sections of the doors and sill panels will be subject to all the grit, grime and bitumen coming off the road surface. A full polish will “even out” these inconsistences in your paint and get your vehicle looking its absolute best.

ii. Polish eliminates minor scratches

If your car has scratches and scuffs, you should polish it. Professional machine polishing can safely “compound or cut” the surface of your paint to eliminate scratches on the surface.

Scuffs from abrasions with tyres and bumpers cause superficial blemishes that professional detailers can eliminate with modern polishing techniques.

Keeping the bodywork of your car in great condition is no different to preventive servicing you do on the mechanical aspects of your car. It keeps it looking great (you will tend to look after it better when it looks good visually) this also makes a big difference when it comes time to sell.

iii. Polishing eliminates accumulated contaminants

Many contaminants settle on your car whether you drive it or not. Contaminants such as road tar, insect acid, fallout, paint overspray, rail dust, hard water contamination – the list goes on, will settle on your car’s paintwork over time. The accumulation of such contaminants landing on your car will create a rough surface where water won’t bead off and you can’t wash it properly and, if left long enough, will damage the clear coat.

Basic car wash services will not eliminate all the contaminants on your car. Professional paint correction strips off these contaminants. The polishing tools and compounds can extract impurities lodged in your car’s paintwork. Eliminating impurities leaves your paintwork looking as good as new.

Polishing is also ideal when preparing your car for sale, as the elimination of accumulated dirt can enhance your car’s resale value.

iv. Polishing provides extra protection from the elements

Professional car detailers use high-quality polishes with sealing properties. Quality polishes create a protective layer on your car that slows down the deterioration in extreme Aussie weather. Like sunscreen, these layers of polish limit the effect of the sun’s UV rays on your car’s body. The polish will also provide you with more time in removing those contaminants that fall on your car because it is acting like a “sacrificial layer” for your paint.

To sum up, regular polishing extends the lifespan of your vehicle and enhances its value. As such, it is cost-effective to polish your car once or twice a year. Car Care provides high-quality yet affordable car detailing and polish service in Australia. We offer mobile professional car detailing services and can come to you, so call us today on 1300 227 227 for more details about our services.

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