At Care Care we realise that sometimes there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Work and family commitments can be overwhelming and occasionally other areas in our life can be neglected, namely the family car. That’s where we come in to play. Our mobile car detailer will come directly to your door and give your family car the tender loving care it deserves. Car upkeep and maintenance is an essential part of car ownership. In this post, we explore the many advantages of mobile car detailing.

It’s Mobile

One of our professional staff will come directly to you with all the gear to make your chariot shine like new again. There is no need to waste half a day down at the car wash bay waiting for someone to finish polishing the tires of their beloved sports car. A mobile car detailer will free up valuable time that you could be spending with people you love doing the things you love.

Professional Service

Our team of professionals are highly trained and have the most advanced equipment in the game so you can be sure that your car is getting the clean it deserves. We have state of the art cleaning systems that are free from harmful chemicals.

Presale Detail

Are trying to sell your car? Our pre-sale detail is a top to bottom, inside and outside clean that will have your vehicle looking its best when it comes time to sell it. The Presale detail includes everything from a wash and wax to an interior shampoo and conditioning. We even clean the rubbers and door jams.

Increase the Value

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your vehicle will help maintain the appearance and in turn the resale value. Dirt and grime in the interior of your car can cause the carpets and upholstery to perish prematurely. A regular clean will ensure this doesn’t happen and when it comes time to sell your vehicle will fetch the price you want.

The Cut and Polish

Is your car looking a bit weathered or has the paint job become dull? A cut and polish will restore your paint job, so it looks like new. A cut and polish involve removing a thin layer of the outside to expose the vibrant paint underneath the surface. Then a polish is applied to bring out the colour. It also provides a protective coating for your car.

Free Up Time

Outsourcing is an excellent way to free up time so you can spend it doing things that matter. Whether it’s packing up for the weekend and taking your family camping or spending it catching up with friends and family. The cost is a small fee for all the precious time you will save.

Give us a call and we will happily come around and make your car look like new again. You might not even recognise it.


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