A car that has gone through a long journey has probably accumulated its fair share of dust and dirt. Long trips subject cars to all manner of elements, from mud on the wet tarmac roads to the dust on the dry country roads. The exterior surface of a vehicle is bound to have mud splats, dust and scratches and at times maybe even some scratches. The car interior is also not spared, all sorts of and foreign elements can make their way onto the interior upholstery through open windows. Moreover, eating on long trips leaves food particles and accidental spills on the carpets and seats. Once you are back from a long journey, it’s essential to get your car detailed.

Professional car detailers ensure your vehicle maintains its aesthetic appeal. Residue from long trips leads to wear and tear of upholstery and also makes the interior look unappealing. With professional auto detailing, you are sure to restore your car to its beautiful, clean state and leave it smelling brand new. Any car detailer must observe the correct application of detailing products on both exterior and interior surfaces. Leather, fabric and semi-leather all have different cleaning approaches. Moreover, glossy paint, stainless steel and hard plastic also require a specific cleaning method.

Exterior detailing

Exterior detailing involves the thorough cleaning of a vehicle’s exterior surface. An exhaustive exterior wash ensures as much dirt as possible is removed. Water and soap are the leading cleaning tools for this stage of cleaning. Considering the wheels take on excess dirt after long trips, a lot of work goes into restoring them. Once your car is clean, soft microfiber towels are used to dry the paint job. Once the exterior is dried off, if necessary, the paint is polished to remove swirl marks and light scratches that may have occurred during your trip. Finally, the car paint is waxed to give additional protection and an appealing glow. Other exterior surfaces like the windows, door handles and rubber parts are cleaned accordingly.

Interior detailing

After a long trip, a vehicle’s upholstery needs thorough vacuuming and shampooing to remove dirt and stains. Interior detailing requires a careful approach due to the vulnerability of interior surfaces. Different surfaces require different methods. Leather is often conditioned and scrubbed to get rid of deeply ingrained dirt. Specific solutions are used to clean leather and fabric. Plastic and vinyl found on the dash and the door panels are also cleaned and dressed. The interior surfaces are often polished to restore the vehicles glow.

The engine bay can be neglected when it comes to cleaning. After a long trip, a lot of dust and dirt accumulate under the hood. A thorough wash is vital to restore the cleanliness of the engine bay. A service like Car Care can get you the new car look after a long trip.