Think you’re lazy? Think again. While there are many people in the world who are probably getting a whole lot more accomplished in their days, you know what these people do? They delegate. They assign tasks that are not part of their core activities to others to do for them. And you know why? Because it allows them to get more done in their days.

So you think you’re lazy because you want to hire a regular mobile car detailer, a regular cleaner, a regular babysitter? That’s ridiculous. Hiring people to do tasks that you don’t want to do, makes you a more organised person. Instead of putting off car cleaning for months simply because you don’t want to do it, booking in a regular service means that it actually gets cleaned.

If you feel guilty about hiring someone else to detail your car, then here’s the trick to getting rid of that guilt – use the time that you save, the time that the detailer takes to work their magic – to do something productive. Whether it’s some work for your job, time spent on a personal passion project, hanging out and doing something fun with the kids, going on a date with your partner, on a walk, or to the gym, if you feel like you have accomplished something during the time you would’ve spent detailing a car, then it’s time well spent.

Did you know that Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day? Now, that may sound strange to you or me, however, the reasoning behind it was solid. His wardrobe was exactly the same so that he could eliminate standing around thinking about what to wear in the morning so that he could spend that time on more important things.

If you have more important things to do, or you sit around procrastinating about jobs around the house, then choosing service people to help you out frees up more time for yourself and eliminates that horrible procrastination where you are doing everything in your power to avoid having to think about having to do a task – like watching TV or browsing the internet aimlessly.

If you are wanting to get more organised in your life then it’s time to start booking in the regular things that you need to do for housekeeping. This means dentist appointments, wedding outfit shopping, perhaps grocery deliveries, and anything else that helps you to run a smoother ship around the house.

This includes mobile car detailing, like the services offered by Car Care. We operate all over Australia, and our mobile service people come out to you – whether it be the home or office. Book in a regular detail to get organised.