Car detailing is a thorough cleaning service that achieves more than a regular car wash. With interior car detailing, experts manually clean every inch inside your car. Professional car detailers use specialised tools to perform the job to perfection.

This article describes the key aspects of interior detailing and when you should get one. Read on if you would like to understand the benefits of interior car detailing.

How often should you get interior car detailing?

The frequency of getting an interior car detailing depends on how much wear and tear you put the interior of your car through. If you regularly vacuum your car and wipe down surfaces you may only need to do a full Interior detail once every four to six months.

Interior car detailing packages are comprehensive services that address pockets of hidden dirt in your car. Below is a list of some of the services you can enjoy with professional interior detailing. You should consider interior detailing if you have not had any of the below services performed in your car recently.

  • Interior vacuum and boot dusting
  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Seat and carpet shampooing
  • Interior roof lining cleaning
  • Interior surface, console, compartments and mat detailing.

Interior vacuum and boot dusting

Vacuum cleaning draws all the dust out of the carpet, seats and crevices of your car. In Australia, strong winds can force fine dust into your car without your knowledge.

Thorough vacuuming and dusting of your car’s interior and boot can improve the air quality in your car and the performance of your air conditioning system.

Internal and external window cleaning

Thorough cleaning of the internal and external surfaces of your windows not only eliminates dirt but also enhances visibility. Regular car washes lack the proper tools to restore the clarity and transparency of your windows.

Seat and carpet shampooing

Professional interior detailers use high-quality carpet shampoos when cleaning your car. Regular soap cannot break down oils and odours that emanate from deep inside your car’s upholstery. Spilt drinks, food particles and accumulated sweat in your seats and carpets can form stains and generate unpleasant odours in your car.

Seat and carpet shampooing restores the original colour tones of your car’s interior. Unlike air fresheners, quality shampoos eliminate the source of odours in your car and leave it with a lasting new car smell.

Interior Roof Lining Cleaning

Your interior roof lining is another of the surfaces that regular car wash services neglect. Yet, since professional detailers cover every inch of your car, your interior roof lining will get all the attention it deserves. Interior detailers use special stain removers to eliminate the layers of dirt coating your roof lining.

Interior surface, console, compartments and mat detailing

The interior surfaces are the most visible and often dirtiest parts of your car. Your friends, children and pets touch the dashboard, consoles and glossy surfaces of your car frequently. A deep clean can eliminate layers of grime so that these surfaces are safe to touch. Neglecting these surfaces can foster the growth of bacteria and the nesting of pests in your car.

Regular car detailing keeps your car in excellent condition and maintains its resale value. At Car Care Australia, we offer professional mobile car detailing services to save you the hassle of coming to us. Call us today to benefit from our affordable interior car detailing services.

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