Darryl Day – Car Care Gosford Shire/Bateau Bay, leads the way in great customer service and proves that providing a great service to your customer applies to all of them regardless of age or gender.

He recently went to detail the car for a young fella and, as often happens, it was in a bit worse state than he was led to believe. This meant that it was also more than the young Uni student could afford. Darryl, being Darryl, buffed the car anyway, and he finished the car just as the boy’s father arrived home. It was one of those WOW moments, and it turned out that the father was a Drive Time presenter on 2Go Radio.

Goes to show that you never know who you might be dealing with.

True to his word, the next day, the presenter gave a shout-out on his radio program.

Well done Darryl – we wished you could have taken a pic!