Selling your car is not always that much fun. There are so many factors you need to keep in mind to make the most out of the sale. We have made it a bit easier for you with 3 tips to help maximise the resale price of your vehicle.


Clean it!

First things first, tidy your car and remove all personal items. Just as you would remove personal items and declutter a house for sale, potential buyers want to imagine themselves in the vehicle.

Once your car is completely empty, it’s time to get the professionals in for a thorough clean and detail. There’s nothing like that new car smell, sparkling dashboard and pristine upholstery to make a buyer feel happy and enticed. A DIY job or basic car wash service won’t cut it! Opt for a detailing service. It’s a deep, spring clean for your car that will have it looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Car Care offers an at-home service that is convenient, professional and value-for-money. Our full detail service is a 105-step detail procedure. This includes an exterior pressure-rinse, shampoo, deep clean of door jams, windows, wheels and rims, gloss of tyres and mud flaps, paintwork preparation and polish (remove minor scratches, marks and contaminants) and chamois dry.

Your car’s interior will receive a deep-clean of carpets, floor mats, upholstery and/or leather seats, dashboard, corners and crevices including centre console, windows, roof lining and door panels, as well as having handles and plastics treated and chrome features polished,


Repair it!

Minor scratches, chips and dents deter prospective buyers from paying a premium price. Scratch removal services can repair minor blemishes at an affordable price. Wherever possible, it is best to attend to scratches in a timely manner, to avoid further damage and rusting.

But what if your car’s paint is looking dull, blotchy and uneven, despite being well-cleaned?

Consider paint correction treatment to bring your car’s exterior back to life and maximise its resale value. Paint Correction is a professional process that rejuvenates paintwork. The qualified service is carried out by an expert. Car Care offers Paint Correction as an at home service, so you won’t need to lift a finger. Contact Car Care to discuss whether paint correction is right for you.


Record it!

Up-to-date paperwork helps assure buyers that the car has been well-maintained and is in good working order. Where possible, include:


  • Warranty – if the vehicle is still under warranty, or you can purchase an extended warranty, be sure to feature this in your advertisement. A Warranty is very appealing when purchasing a used car, and many buyers will only consider used cars that are still under warranty;
  • Servicing information – service records, in particular if the car has been serviced exclusively by a dealership; and
  • Vehicle details – including make, model, VIN and registration.

Advertise it!

Buyers have likely spent hours online considering their different options. A clear, well-detailed advertisement, outlining all relevant information will help streamline the process and save the buyer time and frustration, and enhance the overall appeal of the purchase. Include your vehicle’s make, model / edition, VIN and registration details, mileage, fuel and engine types, condition, special features, warranty, and servicing information. Remember to include your contact details, and well-lit, clear and appealing photographs of your car’s exterior and interior.


Car Care is here to help you maintain and present your car beautifully and help maximise its resale price. Contact us to today so we can help you put your best wheel forward.


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