Why Your Car Deserves a Polish: The Benefits You Will Reap

The condition of your car says a lot about you. Driving a dirty car may give people the impression that you are negligent while driving a clean vehicle communicates that you are careful, organised, and detail-oriented. Polishing your car has several benefits over a regular wash. In Australia, the harsh climate accelerates the deterioration of your car’s [...]

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1967 Holden HR

Thank you to Brenten U'ren of Car Care Springwood, Brisbane for sending us this pictures of a car he recently detailed inside and out. The car is a Holden HR and is 47 years old (1967). It is all original  and is still in great condition because it only has 13,000 miles on the clock!! [...]

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Are Your Headlights Cloudy?

Cloudy headlights are caused by the ultra-violet light from the sun attacking the surface of the plastic and causing it to have this cloudy appearance. This cloudy appearance not only diminishes the effectiveness of your headlights but it may also mean that your vehicle is not roadworthy. This can happen to cars that aren't even [...]

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We polish more than just cars!

Anywhere, anytime!! We often get requests to polish things other than cars, sometimes planes, helicopters, motorbikes, tractors and the list goes on. We've recently had some quite different request to polish things that aren't even a vehicle.   In Melbourne, Joe from Car Care Mornington Peninsula was requested to polish panels on apartment balconies, Levels [...]

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Polishing vs Waxing

We could talk forever about the differences between the methods of enhancing your vehicle’s paintwork. Essentially, when it comes to polishing there are many degrees of strength we can apply - from an abrasive polish, which will remove (or hide) fine scratches through to very mild non-abrasive polishes, which may well react with the paintwork [...]

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No Place too Remote for Mobile Detailing Service

All Car Care mobile detailing units carry all the previsions they need, and we mean all including their own water and electricity, which makes us a truly mobile service. We can provide our vehicle cleaning services at your home, place of work or a field. This came in handy when Car Care Western Australia was [...]

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Winner of Best 4×4 at Car Show

Sometimes at Car Care we get more than just your average Sedan to perform a car detailing service. Chris from Car Care - Penrith, NSW attended to a unique 4x4 that was scheduled to appear at a local Car Show. Here is what the cars owner had to say about the Car Care service they [...]

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That’s what I call polished

Sometimes we work hard on a car and the result is not clear to see. That is not the case with this black Toyota Prado. Firstly the car was washed and chamois dried as it was filthy - this was a real 4 x 4! The next stage was to cut the paintwork using a [...]

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It may not be a Ferrari, but now at least, it looks red!

At Car Care we are always looking at new and innovative ways of showing the public the kind of detailing we can achieve. With this particular idea we wanted to show that with the polishing systems we have in place the results can be spectacular. You can see by the photos the paintwork had deteriorated [...]

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After Care Guide

By applying Car Care’s specially developed vehicle protection packages you have taken an important step in, not only making it look its best, but keeping it that way for years to come. A better looking car means a higher re-sale price. The first thing you will notice is how much easier your car is to [...]

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